On the day of Vaishakh Vad 2nd , the 54th Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that the one who recognizes devotee of God by his soul, has known satsang as benevolent more than all means. Bapashri said, “If one recognizes saint means Mukta by his soul would do as he is told and ego will not be hurdle for him.if ego is avoided, one will have recognisation of Maharaj and Anadi Muktas in his soul”. After many such talks, pooja of Bapashri was performed by all with the sandalwood paste brought by saints. Devotee had brought ponkh (unriped wheat) which was distributed to all. Then he say this prasadi is such that no one can get it. If one remembers the application of this sandalwood paste will go to Akshardham but he who has no understanding of greatness and think that it is applied on forehead daily and it is like a play of child. He has not understood the greatness of this assembly. Therefore do not think it as child’s play. This is doing it for the salvation of infinite Jivas. Those who were applied sandalwood paste by me will all go to Akshardham and know that pooja is performed in this Akshardham but do not think that it is being done in this world. This sandalwood paste is divine and whosoever touches it, will become divine and this prasadi which is distributed is not food grain or fruit, dry fruit, flower of this world. It is divine. It is not an attribute of illusion. Those who eat it will go to Akshadham. Such is the greatness of this prasad. The one who knows this assembly as divine will get happiness during his life span and will get attach to Maharaj’s Murti itself- such is this Mukta. I am here to do this duty but not any other business. I have worn white clothes and you have worn saffron clothes but because of it this knowledge cannot be had. This world, body, clothes, everything has to be left and when there is experience knowledge then this assembly will be recognized and you will get Murti. Yesterday you were looking for Murti elsewhere. How can you get it? It can be get when you have experience knowledge. The matter of experience knowledge is different and the listener and sayer are different. These things cannot be understood by all. It is not easy to understand upasana (worship for achieving goal) and get attached to Murti and understand greatness of Muktas. Before achieving Murti, he will find fault and will complaint (here it means he cannot achieve goal) that Maharaj and Muktas do not have knowledge of this world. He will find fault in others where as when his children spoil the house, he does not care and find faults of saints and great Muktas such is the nature of Jiva. If one associates with such person he will point out to him faults of Maharaj and Muktas and does harm to that Jiva. There may be such persons who find defect in activity of saints and Muktas in this assembly, what can they achieve? Even, they will loose something which they have achieved during the last birth. Udhavji asked for the birth as a tree and creeper- he realized such greatness of Shree Krishna. When Ramkrishnabhai of Mandvi understood this matter, he asked for his birth as kanbi by taking straw in his mouth. He said, “When this Laxmirambhai used to come to you for satsang, I doubted and thought why such Pandit (learned person) come for satsang to kanabi (Farmer by Professon)? But today I have understood your greatness. You have not come for darshan of God, you have come for us, you are such great Mukta therefore liberate me during this birth, and if you give me birth again, give me in the caste of kanabi.”

Lord Shiva rolled in dust in Chhapaiya at Narayansar lake. Goddess Parvati asked him why he was rolling there. Lord Shiva said, “The master of Akshardham had played here and had bathed in this Narayansar lake. It is prasadi and I daily come here and put this on my head and take bath in this lake.” Then Goddess Parvati asked, “Of how many years are you talking about?” Lord Shiva replied that, that was the talk of recent time. Then Goddess Parvati requested him to get the darshan of that God. Then Lord Shiva said that he was treading in the forest. Goddess Parvati asked him to take her to the forest. Then they went to the forest and had the darshan. At that time Maharaj could not get food, water, fruit in the forest. Ashtasiddhis and Navniddhis and Radhika,Laxhi, etc were going behind Maharaj with the thal (food dish) and were requesting Maharaj to accept their service showing mercy but Maharaj was not looking at them. Thus Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati had darshan of Shriji Maharaj. Lord Shiva said, “This is Lord Purushottam Master of Akshardham. Then Goddess Parvati had darshan. In the meanwhile they saw well on the way where Maharaj bathed and bathed Shaligram Vishnu. Vishnu drank that water while bathing. Then Lord Shiva gave salt and millet flour (shathvo)and fed Vishnu and then he took meal. This the same dust as it is the prasadi of Narayansar lake. It is the same of Muktas as it is of Shriji Maharaj. Just as the children of richman do not eat sweets though there may be many items in the shop. Similarly it is the same for him who does not understand the greatness of this assembly. If a drop of liquid (water) from this saint falls on someone’s dish , he would say that his dish has become impure but he would not think that he got prashadi which was not available even to great incarnation. || 200 ||