On the day of Vaishakh Vad 5th Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “When experience knowledge is realised, there will not be obstacle. Brahma and Narad did not have such achievement. Power of today is very great. We have got very big achievement. Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu all the three together manage a village. Vairaj is above them. He is head of village in the form of cosmos. Above it Ego (Ahankar) and its head is Mahatatwa and its head is Pradhanpurush and above all these infinite Pradhanpurush is Mulpurush Ishwar shree Krishna. Above such infinite Shree Krishna is Vasudevbrahm. Above such infinite Vasudevs Akshar which is called Mulakshar and above such infinite Mulakshars’ Brahmand is Maharajadhiraj whom we have met.

He said to devotees to have darshan of saint, listen to them. But when sometimes if saint meets and tells contrary to our faith, you should not listen to him and agree with him, to wait and watch. Darshan of such saint and discourses should be avoided. What is the capacity of Jiva that it can recognize God and His devotee? We have to go the house of Swaminarayan and there are many obstacles and if they are not known, we may get bound somewhere. Just see! Shiva, Brahma, Narad, Sanak, etc caught bound. Devotee of God should remain alert. Devotees of Bharasar know very well our greatness and act according to our wish and also are very useful in our daily affairs. If the devotee of God is Mukta, no doubt should be kept for him about his state at the time of his death. There was no one in twenty four temples like Brahmchari Nirgunanandji. Some say that Brahmchari was very miserable. They say so because of their misunderstaning. There was only Swami Aksharjivandasji who knew such time. He would say that if he would throw glance at Murtis, Jiva would come out, eyes would come out. Some would say that Kachrobhakta had become ghost. Then I said that he used to see God in all three states-if he had become ghost where would you go. Then all become mum. In the temple of Bhuj katha is read by keeping ghost in the coconut. So I say that ‘math‘ had been made. Then saint Balkrishnadasji said, “We have income in kories (currency of Kutch) in our temple. So we keep ghost in our temple. I told him that he had no determination of God. If he had determination of God he would not do that. There is still determination of illusion (maya) and illusion is believed as God-thus I scolded him. When Brahmchari Nirgunanandji was ill saint did not come to serve him because they thought he belong to me. The wisdom of such saint should be considered as low. Saints of Bhuj do not know my greatness so they do back biting but have no courage to say on my face. At present they are suppressed by me . When I become invisible, people will know them as they are. Then Bapashri along with saints and devotees came to Vrushpur in the evening. || 220 ||