Saint Ramcharandasji of Bhuj (formerly of Vrspur) had darsan of Sriji Maharaj on the day of Ashadh Vad 10th, in the Bhuj Assembly. That darsan was divine and luminous and all around infinite muktas were praying and in His feet there were sixteen signs and near him luminous Bapasri was seen. He told Bapasri that he was limitless luminous. Bapasri told him that he was always divine luminous. Then he (saint) got up to have darsan of Mūrtis in Sikhar-temple. While he was doing darsan in the compartment of Sukh sajja, he had the divine luminous darsan of Bapasri near Mūrti and from all organs divine luminescence emitted like jet and it seemed that pearls were set in it- such divine darsan he had. || 108 ||