In the morning of Kartak Vad 2nd , when the katha of Vachanamrt was being read , Bapasri said, “If Maharaj and muktas are pleased, work is accomplished in no time. Whereas it cannot be done even after thousand of births by means only. The talk of great Anadi is peculiar. They live in Murti constantly, even then Maharaj has cautioned about the power of maya and said that even saint like Muktanand Swami may remain affected or unaffected by the power of Maya. Such supremacy of maya has been told for making jiva to understand. But muktas are always unaffected, because kala, karma and maya have no capacity to harm the devotee of God so how can it affect Anadi muktas who remain engrossed in Murti? But when such talks are to be explained to jivas, Maharaj says it in the names of great muktas- know thus. Maya cannot affect one who remains in the shelter of muktas, so what to say about such muktas? If thoughts become obstacles to jiva, and if it prays to Maharaj and muktas with emotion along with understanding of greatness, his obstacles will become ineffective. Just as if the Mongoose, smells Norvel (kind of medicated plant), poison of snake will have no effect. (After smelling norvel, the mongoose becomes free from the poison of a snake). In this world, there is nothing like greatness, goodness, passion, anger, etc. Greatness and goodness is only there in Murti. Attributes like coolness, etc. are in it only but it is known to him who has understanding of greatness. Sriji Maharaj and muktas dwelling in Murti are both Anadis. We have got bliss of Maharaj’s transcendent (unassociated-vyatirek) Murti. We have got it by the grace of anadi mukta. It cannot be had by penance or by doing means. This is not a small thing. Because of muktas, we have really got ultimate liberation. Knowing thus, if one gets attached to Murti constantly, happiness will emit like jet. ‘Amrut na sinddhu ultya, rangdani vali chhe rel, Purusottam pragti’ (just as nectar of sea has high tide, similarly incarnation of Purusottam is the highest joy). This is divine Murti and divine achievement so if anyone studies scripture leaving aside Murti or do katha- kirtan, great saints have called it waste of time.”

Bapasri said, “The stone gets roasted in fire and if water touches it, it breaks into pieces and medicine (acidic chemical) has such miracle- it dissolves gold, etc. and makes it pure. Whereas we have met supreme Lord and supreme muktas even then mind does not accept it because the greatness of Maharaj and anadi mukta is not known as it is. Moreover, he has not recognised supreme Maharaj and Anadi muktas who are giver of happiness of Murti. In case one has recognised them, his jiva is not attached to them. If he associates his jiva by mind, deed and words, there will not remain any shortcoming. The proportion in which there is shortcoming, in that proportion there is shortcoming in obeying commands and attaching jiva so the mind does not accept. Fire and medicine are inanimate even then they make gold, etc. free from dirt. Then this is divine Maharaj and divine mukta, what can not be done by them? But there is distance so it is not understood as it is, therefore, get attached sincerely. Then Bapasri said what is Sankhya and Yoga? It means everything should be known as false excepting Maharaj is Sankhya and remaining engrossed in Murti is Yoga. || 117 ||