On the morning of Vaishakh Sud 4th, Bapashri showing his favour, talked. He said, “If one develops firm love and inner feelings (feelings of heart) for Muktas and Shriji Maharaj, he will get much peace than he gets in trance (Samadhi).

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What to do when there is no opportunity for the contact of such Muktas?” Bapashri replied, “When Muktas leave this world i. e. become invisible we should think that such Muktas who had left us were like the place for getting solace in all our problems- it is Maharaj’s will. Muktas neither take birth nor die, neither go nor come. they are always in satsang because they are omnipresent. We should be contented with the fact that there is no place where they can not be there. When we read the talks given by them, we should know that they are talking as if they are present. We should imbibe Mahaprbhuji along with Muktas in heart and should always remain joyful. Muktas are the relatives of soul and they should be realized in our soul. Just as by digging well we get water similarly we should realize them by becoming introvert and they are always there. When we are introvert and make us happy.

Swami Vrundavandasji said, “We ask a question with the help of speech (outwardly) but how can one ask a question without the use of speech i.e. inwardly?” Bapashri replied, “Maharaj and Muktas are always with the soul. By remembering them do introvertly there will be inner peace and illusion (maya) will be suppressed and Maharaj and Muktas will remind the answer through conscience by inspiring it and all problems will be solved- such is the greatness of introvertness. Just as there are many thoughts for objects of this world, senses, food, drinks, etc and without them one become unhappy, but if one thinks about greatness of Maharaj and imbibes Mahaprabhuji in the soul, every thing will be renounced and he will become very happy. Just as one puts hand labour to grow millet but if gets many gems (parasmani) he will give up all efforts for other things. Similarly there may be desire for many kinds of material objects but if he gets Murti, all his desires will vanish. We should be a customer for such costly things. You may get every thing but this thing means Maharaj and Muktas can not be had. If there is attachment with Muktas outwardly, there will be feeling of human beings for them. What are those feelings-they laugh, play, call some one, etc. Just as we play with a child we speak- in its language. Similarly they express outwardly as a human being does. If they express themselves in spiritual language they will not be understood. Even in talk if they give example from this world, we will be able to understand but if they talk in spiritual language the Jiva will not understand it. Therefore they give the example of ghee by saying it has maximum fat, the sweetest of all is sugar, the brightest of all is the fire and the whitest of all is milk but these example though given by Maharaj and Muktas, they are not meant for them but to make the point clear these example are given by them. The philosophy of spiritualism can not be understood easily. It is just like dropping sea-shell in a vessel and rattling them. Therefore they behave as human beings so that soul may develop love for them. In the work of Prakrutee-purush, there is nothing for which simile can be given for Maharaj and Muktas. Today it is raining in Swati constellation. If this greatness is understood it will do much. If we remember Maharaj and Muktas in heart, all problems will be solved. No proper answer can be had if question-answer is done physically even though the support of all scripture is taken. If we meditate on Maharaj and Muktas, all problems will be solved immediately. Just as there is big factory in cosmos but it is little in body (pind) but every thing is covered in ‘Pind‘. If we want to know physically, there will not be end to it but if we meditate on Maharaj and Muktas, they are always there in the soul and they will make us free from all faults and desire. In the 12th Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada, Shriji Maharaj has said that this talk is like trick means divine. No simile or example can be given for illusion (maya) or Mul-Purush that is God or Brahm or Akshar. At the end of talk jay ghosh of Shri Sahajanand Swami was done and Bapashri blessed the audience that let this assembly free from illusion (maya). ||48 ||