In Samvat year 1951, Bapasri taking a big group (sangh) with him, from Kutch came to village Upardal via. Muli, Lakhatar, etc. villages while going to Amdavad. Ramjibhai asked Bapasri that while he was going from Kutch to Gujarat last year, he saw luminescence-what was it? Bapasri said, “You had made a sankalpa to test the words given by me so Maharaj and I gave test.” Hearing this Ramjibhai was astonished –thus all boons which were given to him were made true. Then Bapasri went to Dholaka along with saints via Bhayala, Kesardi, etc. villages. From there on the day of Chaitra Sud 8th, came to Amdavad after having darsan at Jetalpur. After having darsan of Ṭhakorji he went to Kankariya for having bath along with saints. Ishwarlalbhai had gone to Kankariya by Victoria (horse carriage) for loitering. He met Bapasri and with much request brought Bapasri to the temple in his Victoria. He associated with Bapasri till the group was there and when the group started for Kutch, Ishwarlalbhai came to the temple but did not find devotees of Kutch so he asked a saint where the devotees of Kutch had gone. Saint said that they had gone to the station. He came to the station. Though it was the time for the departure of the train, he made the train delayed by requesting the guard and garlanded Bapasri with many garlands and prostrated and prayed and said that Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami had introduced him to Bapasri and he was asked to take care of him. Since then he was his and his liberation was in his hands (Bapasri). He added that he had done no means so requested Bapasri to give him ultimate liberation by his power, for that purpose he had gone to him. Thus he prayed for much times. Bapasri put his hand on his head and said, “I would do your good. Do not worry at all and know that from now onwards you are in Mūrti, but not in this world or in this body.” Blessing thus, Bapasri came back to Kutch along with the saints. After fifteen days Ishwarlalbhai came and sat in the assembly of saints, devotees and Sadguru Purani Devcharandasji Swami at the seat of Sadguru Nirgundasji Swami. No sooner did he sit in the assembly than he left this world and Bapasri put him in the happiness of Mūrti. || 7 ||