On the day of Vaishakh Vad 7th, the 31st Vachanamrut of middle chapter was being read in the assembly. In it, there was reference about the cause of a cause. Bapashri said, “There are two causes, one is Anadi who is cause and Shriji Maharaj who is his cause. Unless there is knowledge of Purushottamnarayan, one’s efforts are in vain. Maharaj has called this assembly as that of Akshardham. Therefore, this assembly should be known as divine and feelings for Murti should not be of metal or stone. Such is my principle but if you twist it and use it elsewhere, its your choice. Maharaj has said that you would become as big as you know our saints and Him.Swaminarayan has everything. He has all viz passionate, Mumukshu, Param Ekantik and Anadi Mukta. Therefore if one does not know Muktas and does not understand their greatness, where would he go? This assembly is the door of Akshardham and when one has realized experience knowledge one will be fulfilled. The experience knowledge is called when one is engrossed in Murti. If he gets attached to Maharaj’s Murti he will have such knowledge.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “What is the meaning of experience knowledge. Then Bapashri said, “Just as water itself takes one deep in to it. Similarly there is fragrance of Purushottamnarayan which draws Jiva in to Murti. That fragrance should be known as experience knowledge. When one knows Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas above all, it is called one has got experience knowledge but if one makes false as false, it is not called true knowledge. If everything up to Akshar which is near Maharaj’s Murti becomes false and one gets attached to Maharaj’s Murti, it is called experience knowledge. Therefore one should realize experience knowledge and get engrossed in Murti. One should know Maharaj and Muktas as Anadi (without beginning or end). It is very difficult. The goldsmith finds out impurity in gold. This assembly is of the Akshardham which should not be disturbed. That means it should not be considered with that of seekers. In Rampara I showed portrait of an idol to Kalyansangji and asked him what he would say for this Murti. He said it is Maharaj Himself. In Bharasar I went to see a saint who was ill. Swami Aksharjivandasji asked the saint who he was. Saint said that he was Abjibapa of Vruspur. His powers are hidden. We should have need for Maharaj’s assembly and His Murti. Just see! If the one having imperfect knowledge and he sees illness of Swarupanandji Swami and of DadaKhachar, he would comment adversely. Then Bapashri asked devotee if he knew who this saint was. Go and search and find out such inanimate and animate renouncer if you can in the whole cosmos. Then addressing saints Bapashri said what was there in inanimate. It is poison. If one has real knowledge, one would not look at it- it is worthless. But getting such Mukta is difficult. I had been to Mandvi where Ramkrishnabhai questioned my presence (by calling me Kanbi). I said Kanbi is of seed which is Maharaj’s Murti and I am engrossed in it. Your seed (Ramkrishnabhai’s ) is burnt. Bapashri told Ramkrishnabhai that he read such sciptures which talk about Vairajnarayan where he would go- to Vairajnarayan or Akshardham? He understood the point and cried by taking straw in mouth and requested me for salvation and if there was next birth it should be in kanbi community but in no case in Brahmin community. I have to liberate even mean Jiva. We have real thing and why we should lose it. I was very much in pain when I heard people saying nonsense about Brahmchari. By such guilt all means will burn. If you put lighted match in a haystack it will burn. Therefore by such guilt everything will be burnt. Maharaj says that three attributes should be driven out. Till then there are three attributes, they will not allow happiness in satsang. One having ‘Tam’ attribute will go everywhere and will become impure. Weak persons are not needed in satsang. They are not useful in worship of God. If you sow real seed it will grow. Just as millet was sown day before yesterday and today it has grown. Then Bapashri said there are two kind of ‘green.‘ One who declares bankruptcy is also called ‘green‘ and he who does good work is also called ‘green‘. Similarly weak persons who criticize great Satpurush do harm in satsang. Such persons do not know God and Anadi. One who has fault in oneself finds fault in Muktas. If there is shortcoming in determination, he may loose faith. Therefore one should become passionless and should be one with God and His saints. The one having matured determination will not have obstacles. Anadi do not see any one’s fault, they liberate even the meanest Jiva and lest any Jiva become miserable, keep mercy on it. Maharaj will be please if there is such mercy. At that time two doves were fighting. The hawk will carry away these doves, seeing them we were advised not to fight. Similarly Kal (God of death) will take us and we will not get time. If you remember Maharaj, you will become Sadguru and if you leave Maharaj, nobody will care for you. This Iswarbava is as good as Gopalanand Swami and Nirgundasji Swami. If you put sugar in milk, it will melt and cannot be found. Similarly, Muktas remain engrossed in Murti. We have met Lord who is shelter, doer, controller of all and the most divine of all divines. Therefore, nobody should doubt. We should remain obedient to Maharaj. we should not see drama, bhavai, etc. It is just like a girl thrown in refuge by vagharan. She was brought up by a gentleman. The king married her because she was beautiful. Afterwards she became very ill. She begged by putting pieces of loaves on the door step and ate them and became healthy. On knowing this king shot her. Similarly the one whose nature is like Vagharan will be discarded by Shriji Maharaj. Therefore illusive passion should be avoided. One should keep sevak’s feeling in satsang. Attribute of Raj and Tam are of form of sin. They should be avoided and only pure Satwa attribute should be kept, so that we have regard for guru, assembly, satsang. If one considers attributes more than God, he will become miserable. Tam attribute is like cobra. This illusive thing is not required at all. One who wants to be with Maharaj should wake up from delusive sleep and should feel himself as sevak. || 222 ||