On the morning of Fagan Vad 14th, the 6th Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that if one keeps faith in God and saint (means Mukta) gets rid of impoliteness. Then Bapashri said, “If one keeps full faith in talks of Anadi Muktas, he will become as they are and if he does not and stops till the understanding of knowledge, he will remain where he is. Just as while walking if one finds no end to the path of ultimate destination he rests when tired- it will happen the same way. It is not possible to find the limit of virtues or bliss or greatness or knowledge of form of Shriji Maharaj; it is limitless. No example can be given for it because the example is illusive (mayik) and virtues and karma of Shriji Maharaj are all divine. To give example or simile for divine object is very much boring; but what can we do? Examples are given for the benefit of Jiva. Just as the distance of a journey is thousand miles away and if some one shows the direction that the way is in that direction but the destination is too far, similarly the direction is shown but the bliss of Maharaj is limitless and bliss of Muktas is also limitless. It is not possible to give simile of that bliss in Brahmkoti or Aksharkoti. After reaching in bliss of Murti, the bliss of Akshardham has no value. Moreover, the bliss of Muktakoti has also no value; such is the bliss of Murti. Once I take you to Akshardham and show you the bliss of Mahaprabhuji’s Murti; all other bliss will become worthless. Just as hare plays near an elephant and elephant is pleased. Similarly you are doing the same before me so it pleases me and I will take you in the bliss. This thing is very dear and can not be had but Anadi Mukta has come today and he will definitely take you. Please note it. This Mukta is above Mul-Akshar and Akshardham because he dwells in Murti. Akshardham is the luminescence of Shriji Maharaj and Anadi Muktas. Brahmkoti and Mul-Aksharkoti also pray this Mukta and ask for bliss of Murti; such is the greatness of the Muktas. You may take innumerable births and do satsang but this opportunity of a minute is more than all those because within a minute they can make you Anadi. Just as when gem (paras) touches any object, that object becomes the gem (paras) no sooner it is touched; such is this Mukta. When Ramkrushnabhai of Mandvi knew this Mukta he asked for ultimate liberation and if he had to take rebirth he asked for rebirth in Kanbi caste but he should not be given birth in the caste of Brahmin; that was his request. || 79 ||