At night on the day of Kartak Vad 6th, Bapasri, showing his favour, talked on the topic of an incident in katha. He said, “Some say that great muktas who were formerly there in satsang have gone now. They do not have the knowledge of Sriji Maharaj’s power and greatness. Maharaj and muktas are always present and we should have the divine feeling that they are luminous and divine. There should be such divine feeling. Joy will be boundless after having divine feeling. Here at my place a saint had divine feeling in the last stage, so this porch, rooms, court yard, temple all became luminous and jets of luminescence emitted from all sides. In that luminescence there was a circle and it appeared that Sriji Maharaj was there in the centre. On seeing that all his tendencies became that form and he got engrossed with Murti so his body became divine. Then he met Maharaj with love. When the other saint inquired he said, Oh! What a brightness of Murti. The human being cannot bear that luminescence with his physical eyes. Infinite muktas dwell in Murti and around that Murti there is crowd of muktas. How to describe luminescence which is cool and calm? We have got such luminous Sriji Maharaj, even then we quarrel for mayik objects which are like the packet of ash-what an ignorance it is! Jets of luminescence emits from Murti. Whatever is luminous in infinite cosmoses is on account of Maharaj’s luminescence. Such Sriji Maharaj gives darsan in this world as human being by hiding luminescence and divinity. Even then He is as He is. He is like a coconut made only of sugar, means there is no any other part except sugar. To explain greatness of that Murti to jivas, muktas gave simile for every organ. They said Maharaj’s face is like the sun-moon, the nose like the beak of a parrot or like the flame of a lamp, His lips are like coral, teeth as if taking away beauty of seed of pomegranate, neck is like a conch, stomach is like leaf of pipal tree, arms like the trunk of an elephant, navel is like novel, waist as if it fascinates the lion, thighs are like the prop of banana tree, nails of fingers are like red jewel- thus the greatness of Murti is described by giving simile, because jiva does not have much understanding so it has been said thus. Once Sriji Maharaj jokingly said in the assembly that by such simile, the greatness has not been told but to explain to jiva, He has been defamed. How can simile of Narad, Sanak, Suk, etc., Jadbharat can be given to His saints? But great muktas think that the way in which jiva develops love for Murti and roots out its tendency from mayik objects and the body. Moreover jiva has the worst company of this body and to give up bodily feeling is very difficult- it is the prison of deeds. Jiva had to take many births because of the body but it does not have much distaste for body. It is orally said that body is mortal, unreal, is the form of unhappiness and it is explained to others but he himself has not properly understood it. How can it be known? If a snake passes by him, or his house is on fire, flames are seen propagating and surrounded from all sides and he himself is in the middle of the house or he is in a boat and the same breaks in the middle of sea and sea water enters in the boat, at that time, his understanding will be known. We should keep only goal of Murti. Otherwise the attachment for body will not be done away with. Therefore, root out all tendencies from the body, the world, the enjoyment, sensual objects, etc. and should remain only as the form of Murti. Sriji Maharaj is the treasure of happiness, the string of life. That Murti is given the simile of chintamani. Parasmani, kalpataru, etc. but it is not enough. But what can be said more than that? In the divine perspective nothing has to be spoken. Realised one would see only Murti so everywhere there is happiness, happiness and only happiness.” Thus, the talks came to end and the prasadi of bananas was distributed to devotees. || 122 ||