In the morning of Fagana Vad 6th Bapasri met all devotees after finishing daily routine. Then showing his favour he said, “Ekantikness means getting attached to Murti by becoming form of Aksardham and Param Ekantikness means becoming the form of Sriji and enjoy very much happiness of Sriji’s pores and remain engrossed in it.” Laksmichandbhai asked, “It is said that the feeling of theism must be kept firm- what are the characteristics of it?” Bapasri said, “Never believe that Maharaj and the great Anadis are away from us and we should not remain away from them. If any flaw obstructs or if talk of some knowledge is not understood, remember Maharaj and muktas and pray constantly and all flaws will be done away with, and that which is not understood will be understood. Never doubt in the words of Maharaj and muktas. If doubt arises, pray and insist to avoid doubt and it will soon go away. In the same way, never allow the human feeling for Maharaj and muktas. Always do seva, darsan, association with divine feelings. Then only we will become divine. Therefore, always be alert, and ponder on it. So that all feelings of atheism will be done away with and there will be feeling of theism. When Bapasri was talking, Lakhamsi Bhakta came for darsan, prostrated before him and started to go, Swami Isvarcharandasji asked him why he was leaving. Then with folded hands he said Swami, it was the activity which obstructs. On hearing Bapasri said, “Swami! The householder has many problems of practical things and devotees who are householders have to do the work of maintaining his daily routine but while doing this he should remember Sriji Maharaj gladly and should see that routine of katha-varta, meditation, devotional songs, rosary, mental worship can be properly maintained. This is the chief means by which jivatma gets happiness of the other world. The activity should be done for livelihood but it should be done according to the commands of Sriji Maharaj and muktas but the devotee of God should never do that activity by which Murti is forgotten, and should not get so much involved in the activity by which the life’s goal becomes activity only. If our nature becomes obstacle on the path of ultimate liberation, it should be avoided by getting attached to muktas but should not allow any change in the commands of Maharaj and muktas, and should remember that whatever activities and thoughts we do are known and always seen by Maharaj and great muktas. Moreover, we should think that if we act contrary to their wish or command they will be displeased and goal will not be achieved and we will be called shameless. Thus, we should constantly insist to know how to please Sriji Maharaj and great muktas and we should insists to behave accordingly. The main work of God’s devotee is meditation of Maharaj and forget the feeling of his own body and become the form of Brahma and Aksardham and should not keep resolution for seeing anything excepting Murti. one gets very much happiness by sticking to Murti. But by looking at luminescence, one will lose patience and after sticking to Murti one will see limitless miracles like luminescence, etc. but there will not be any obstacle because by getting attached to Murti capacity increases. Once I made a devotee sit in meditation. He saw luminescence in abundance. Then he started speaking without knowing what he was speaking from unconscious mind and began to come out of meditation. Then I told him to give up bodily feeling and stick to Murti. Then he gave up his bodily feeling and when he stuck to Murti in luminescence he got peace, happiness and joy in abundance. Other obstacles like coming out of meditation and getting fed up could show no power. Therefore, when you see the mass of luminescence, you should see Murti in it and stick to it. But if luminescence is seen, you should not look at it without Murti believing that there is happiness in it, otherwise it will not be proper. Tribhovanbhai of Vantavadar asked Bapasri, “In Vachanamrt it is written that when you meet God Himself and saint himself, you will achieve your salvation. How can it be done so?” Bapasri said, “Here are saints, they are present and Maharaj is also present. Whatever great muktas speak is spoken by Maharaj Himself. Therefore, sentiment and knowledge of greatness are required. If we say Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana at the place like a pond, on a mountain or on a hill, Maharaj speaks also. He will speak wherever He wishes. Then someone may ask who is telling you? It is Swaminarayana who makes us speak. We do not see anything but we are made to speak and the one who speaks is Sriji Maharaj. Even if such divine memory is given by Maharaj, one should not be proud of it. Let the body die or live but never allow to bring the feeling of self. This is the principle of muktas and if it is known, everything will be known.” || 51 ||