In the morning of Chaitra Sud 6th, Bapasri was reading Siksapatri after performing puja at Vrspur. Bapasri said to devotees, “This Siksapatri has been written by Maharaj. It should be followed by Acharya, Saints, Brahmachari, Parsad, men and women devotees. Maharaj has called it as His own form. The followers of Maharaj should live according to the commands in it. They only are called real saints and the real devotees. Those who follow commands are called the strict followers of commands (vachan nivasi). Maharaj will be very much pleased with such devotees but if he violates anyone of those commands Maharaj will not be pleased. Therefore, no command should be violated by the ego of authority, status, etc.”

Bapasri sat in the assembly held in the porch after having darsan of Ṭhakorji. He greeted all with Jay Swaminarayana. Bapasri said to saints, “You are saints of Maharaj so do not wish anything else other than Maharaj. Sriji Maharaj has considered you as inauspicious in activities of worldly affairs, so only Maharaj should be dear to you. Treading on the path of householder forgetting renunciants norms is a great loss. Therefore, no saint should become inauspicious forgetting Murti. What is inauspicious?- keeping wealth, farm, etc. if one has no such thing and has only Murti is real auspicious. Everything for you is worth giving up, excepting Murti. I talk thus, but do not forget Murti and saint or devotee whosoever comes here is given Murti by me- it is my resolution. This is my yajna which is non- violent. I see that nobody is displeased in it because non-violence is our religion. When a saint goes to another village he requires bullock cart and he should think in this way (way of non -violence). Whenever I want to go somewhere and if someone gets bullock cart ready and if bullocks are old or weak, I refuse to go by the cart giving some excuse. Instead of giving trouble to such dumb jiva it is better to go on foot and Maharaj is pleased in it. Formerly great saints used to do like that. Similarly in other work also I try to see that no one is displeased. In this yajna I have told all that if some one’s bullock is ill or old or weak, it should not be made to draw the cart. If someone yokes such a bullock and if it has to draw forcibly, so it will sigh and that will be sin for me. I am not such that I harm anyone. In case of obeying Dharma (religion-duty), I have to say even though it may give him mental agony because he who violates Dharma will have to suffer much in future. Instead I scold him and make him do penance so that he may escape suffering. Recently there was a letter from a devotee from a village stating that he wanted to come to the yajna and if I write, he would come but since he had not done penance I would not say yes to him. If some one has committed mistake and does penance will be taken in satsang and if not, he will be dropped. Then devotees of Kera came for darsan, one of them was also to be given penance. So I told them one or two of them should go to Bhuj and tell saints to get it done before Narnarayanadev. It should not be conveyed to many. Conveying too many, means giving discredit. Therefore, five persons who know it will know it. As far as possible it should be kept secret and should be made pure.”

Bhagvanjibhai of village Mathak prayed, with folded hands to Bapasri and requested him to bless him with well being of him and his family. Bapasri said, “O.K. I bless you for well being of all but one who has no shelter of Sriji Maharaj will have to go in cycle of rebirth (chorasi). This time Sriji Maharaj has made salvation very easy but unfortunate jivas do not recognise so they do not get salvation. If they recognise Maharaj or His muktas are such that they will liberate him in a moment. Our sight is such that whosoever comes in our sight will be liberated and put in Murti.

When the katha of Vachanamrt was over, Bapasri, showing his favour said, “One who has divine feeling in satsang, Maharaj and muktas all will appear to him luminous. This temple, upper storey, house, porch, all are luminous, there is a mass of luminescence, and Maharaj is shining in the centre. Infinite muktas take joy from that Murti, the assembly sits round it and all are luminous. Maharaj says where there is Purusottam’s Murti, there it is the centre of Aksardham means, luminescence all around Murti, there groups of muktas are sitting in all directions. One who has faith in Maharaj’s anadi mukta will trust this talk and will have joy round the clock and will have pride of happiness of Murti.”

At that time Khimjibhai of Narayanpur came with garland and sandalwood paste. Then Bapasri quoted saying in Gujarati it means ‘bride wasted her time in make up in the meanwhile bridegroom’s party left’ (Here it means Khimjibhai instead of attending katha he wasted his time in other things). At present brahmayajna is being performed in the assembly of saints and devotees. Just see! Devotees from different villages have come and still sangh (group of devotees) are continuing to come. Different subjects are touched upon in this assembly. Talks about bliss of Murti are being done in the way as if mass of nectar is being showered. So take as much benefit as you can.” Thus, indirectly saints and devotees were told to understand the greatness by giving the example of Khimjibhai. ||130 ||