Once, Jadavjibhai of Narayanpur was ill. Bapasri came to fetch him. Jadavjibhai thought that he had come to fetch him but he had not done sufficient means and if he was put elsewhere what would happen- such type of doubt he got. Bapasri let him stay and he was recovered. After some days the mother of Dhanjbhai fell ill. To see her Bapasri used to come to her once every day. Once, he could not go because he had some work and went on the next day. The lady asked him why he did not come yesterday. Bapasri said that since he was busy with some work so he could not come. She further asked if he would come on next day or not. Bapasri told her that he would have to come on the next day so he would come certainly. On the next day Bapasri started early in the morning from Vrspur and came to the outskirts of Narayanpur. At that time the lady saw that Sriji Maharaj infinite muktas, Bapasri, etc. were playing with colour. Bapasri entered into her house. The lady asked for colour clothes (pachhadi) of Bapasri with which he had played with colour with Sriji Maharaj and requested Bapasri to cover her body with that pachhadi. Then she left this world. Her body was covered with that pachhadi and fragrance was coming from it. all were surprised and wondered from where the divine fragrance was coming from the pachhadi. Bapasri said, “I and Sriji Maharaj and infinite muktas have just played with colour on the outskirts of Narayanpur and it is its fragrance. Bapasri asked Jadavjibhai if his doubt of liberation had gone. He replied that the mother of Dhanji had been liberated and so he had no doubt. Then Jadavjibhai was also taken away. || 58 ||