Ramji Hirji of Vrspur was sitting sadly thinking that Bapasri had gone away leaving them. At that time he had darsan of Bapasri in the room in which he was sleeping and in the position that on one side Swami Vrndavandasji and on the other side Swami Isvarcharanadasji and in same position sons of Bapasri Kanjibhai and Manjibhai were on both sides. At that time Swami Isvarcharanadasji said that Kanjibhai and Manjibhai were kept in Mūrti. Then Ramjibhai became very sad and requested to keep him in Mūrti always. Bapasri promised he would also be kept in Mūrti, so not to worry and added that he was always with him. Saying so, he disappeared. || 110 ||