On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 30th, the 43rd Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that the apathetic devotee do not expect anything except the service of God. To elaborate the point Bapashri gave an example of a wood cutter (kathiyaro). Both husband and wife were satsangi and had met Shriji Maharaj they used to get up early in the morning at 3-0a.m. and used to meditate and worship Shriji Maharaj. Thereafter used to have bath perform puja and go to the temple for darshan of Gods. Then they would go to the wood. There they would cut those trees which belonged to none and would bring bundles of wood then they sold it. From the income of sale they would put aside 10th part and the same part putting it before Thakorji (God),They would do other activity which included meditation, devotional songs, rosary, reading of scripture and offering meals to Thakorji. In the evening they would do these activities in the temple and go to bed at 12-00 mid-night. Thus they just tried to earn as much as needed and would do meditation, worship of Maharaj. Once the wood cutter could not go to the wood on account of fever. As his wife was chaste, she did not go alone so both of them remained hungry. On the morning of the third day fever receded so he performed puja after having bath. His wife asked him if you want to have any food, she would borrow it from some one. After having meals we shall go to bring bundles of sticks and will pay back to the lender from the money we get from the sale of sticks. The wood cutter did not agree for borrowing. Instead he proposed that they would remain hungry for another half day purposely since they remained hungry for two days, by the wish of Shriji Maharaj. Then though they were hungry went to wood and started to cut thorny plant. The wood cutter was unable to raise the axe but with his strike of the axe, the whole cosmos began to shake. Brahma feared and went to complain to Vairaj Purush and said that his devotee was shaking his brahmand with the power of truth and cosmos may fall so arrange to stop him. Vairaj Purush knew that the devotee was not under his command, he was under the command of one above him. So he could do nothing about it. But he did not want to disclose this fact to Brahma because he feared that Brahma would come to know there was some one above him. So he consoled Brahma by saying that he would look into the matter. After the departure of Brahma VairajPurush prayed to Anirudha, Pradyumna and Sankarshan and requested them to arrange to stop shaking of Brahma’s cosmos which is shaken by their devotee. They consoled him in the same way Vairaj Purush had consoled Brahma. Then these three gods prayed to Mahatattwa. He gave them darshan and consoled them as they had consoled Vairaj Purush. Thus Mahatattwa prayed to Pradhan Purush, Pradhan Purush prayed to Mul-Purush, Mul-Purush prayed to Vasudevbrahm, Vasudevbrahm prayed to Mul-Akshar, and Mul-Akshar prayed to Shriji Maharaj. They all consoled one another. In the end Shriji Maharaj inspired His luminescence and through it said that Brahma’s cosmos can be saved if His devotee is made to fall from truth by deceiving him. Thereafter this reply came to Brahma in the same order as the question had come to Shriji Maharaj. Brahma took the form of Shriji Maharaj and came to heaven (abode of Dev) by air and he made Devas dressed like saints. They all went by air to the wood cutter at the place where he was splitting wood. Brahma told him, “Oh devotee! I am Swaminarayan, these are all saints. We all have come to give you darshan and ask for whatever you want.” The devotee looked at them. Closing his eyes he looked inside there he saw Mahaprabhuji’s Murti in his soul. Not a single sign matched with that of Murti. He was wondering as to who they were. He seems to be cheater. Then he saw abodes of Dev. There he saw that the place of Brahma was vacant. Then he said, “You are Brahma and these are all Devas. You are ignorant so you have come to cheat me. I am the devotee of Lord Purushottam Shri Swaminarayan. I will not take even from Mul-Akshar whereas you are poor and undesirable so how can I think of taking anything from you. You are eating left over food of many. You did not even know that. Listen, I will show you, my master is only Shri Swaminarayan who is God and above every one, controller of all, cause (karan-Murti) of all, all blissful Murti and has infinite divinity. This bliss is taken by Anadi Muktas of Shriji Maharaj immersed in Murti. Just as there are water -insects in water and drink water as per their wish- in the same way Muktas also do. The others are Param Ekantik Muktas. They enjoy bliss of Shriji Maharaj’s Murti by remaining infront of Murti in the luminescence of Swaminarayan’s Murti. They are all like queens. Then Mul-Akshar is like the Prime Minister of Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj give him bliss, power and divinity and Mul-Akshar gives this to Vasudevbrahm, and Vasudevbrahm gives it to Mul-Purush, the left over of Mul-Purush is got by Pradhan Purush and in turn goes to Mahattatatva, the left over of Mahattatatva goes to Ego (Ahankar) and left over of Ego goes to your master Vairaj and you enjoy which is given to you by Vairaj. Therefore have you come to me to give me your left over, and who else is there who is corrupt and poor like you?” Then Brahma prayed and said, “Oh Muktaraj! I did not know that you are such great. I did not know the knowledge which you described. I was unaware that there was some one above my superior. Please forgive me for my guilt. Since my brahmand was shaking, I had to do this work.” Then the devotee -wood cutter told him that his cosmos would not fall. Then Brahma etc left with pleasure.

Shriji Maharaj was very much pleased and gave darshan to both- wood cutter and his wife, and asked if they would like to come to Akshardham or to remain where they were. He further said if they wanted to remain there, He would give them the wealth and if want to go to Akshardham He would take them. Both of them replied, “We do not want anything of this world. Moreover, we will not say anything about your keeping us here or taking us to Akshardham-it is your choice.” Shriji Maharaj said, “Let us go to my abode.” Then both of them threw away the axe and leaving the body merged in Shriji Maharaj’s murti. Shriji Maharaj and His Muktas give bliss to such desireless devotee by keeping them in His Murti even though their life span is not completed. They are always kept together with Maharaj and Muktas. One should become such a desireless and should not desire any object. One should not care for anything up to Aksharkoti excepting Shriji Maharaj’s Murti. Just as we go to house where it is proper to go but not to the house where we are forbidden to go by scriptures. The devotees of God go only to the temple and do not go to any body’s house even though it may be proper to go there because they do not like anything else except the temple. Similarly, one should not like anything except Mahaprabhuji. We should not care for anything except Shriji. Then in that case Maharaj and great Muktas will be pleased and will give the bliss of Murti and keep us with them. After completing the talk he chanted Shri Shahjanand Swami Maharaj ni jai and gave the boon by saying that let this assembly be free from illusion (maya). || 35 ||