On the day of Aso Sud 6th, Bapasri showing his favour, talked in the temple of Godpur. He said, “This Svetvaikunthdasji is our Purani. He gives you nectar in the form of katha of Maharaj.” Then he told the saints, “You keep relationship with and welcome wealthy people; but who will call a poor man like me?” The saints said, “Bapa! You are indeed poor because you reside along with Maharaj in every jiva.” Bapasri said, “These saints are very few but if you want to keep them always you cannot keep them. Whereas, in the case of a householder there may be ten to twenty family members in his house, even then he always nourishes them. Thus, he is strongly attached to his house. I have come to make all of them free from such attachment. Now I have completed eighty four years and after two years it will be a hundred years that Maharaj left for His Aksardham.” Then Vrndavandasji Swami moved a little from the place where he was sitting because of sunshine. Bapasri said, “You are unable to bear the lustre of the sun, then how will you be able to bear the lustre of Aksardham? Ladkibai could not bear the light so Maharaj gave her capacity and then she was able to bear the lustre.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “The lustre cannot affect the person like this Swami.” Then being praised by all the devotees, Bapasri went from house to house, gave darsan and pleased them. On the very day in the afternoon Bapasri, showing his favour, talked in the assembly. He said, “The wealth King Nanda had proved eventually to be of no use. The same will happen to everybody. These saints are above Aksardham, i.e., they dwell in Murti. Even then some do not understand these saints to be so because of their childish intellect. Once I had been in Bhuj where after waking up in the morning I started reciting ‘Sriji, Sriji.’ Hearing this a sadhu rebuked me by saying, “Why are you reciting ‘siddhi, siddhi’ so early in the morning?” Such immature was his understanding. What can they give to the Satsang? We should not bother about the creation of Prakrti and what others say, because the words are produced from Vairaj. Some sadhus engage themselves in handling the store of a temple, some in handling the kitchen of atemple and some in being the chief of a temple; but where can we get saints like these? The work, which these saints do, cannot be done by anyone. Such saints have come to our house.” Then Bapasri praised Brahmachari Nirgunanandji. Then pointing at Lalsankarbhai, Bapasri said, “He was very hot tempered like a leopard, But Brahmachari Nirgunanandji made him calm and cool. Now he has become very polite and uses polite words and knows the greatness of the saints and devotees. He has become the form of Brahma with this knowledge and follows me everywhere and does as he is told to do. If we get ourselves caught in the work of Prakrti, the memory of Murti will be lost. Vairaj is unable to get Murti, as he is concerned with the work of Prakrti. Where can we get such saints who are the form of Brahma? Where can we get Murti of Mahaprabhuji? Therefore, we should not care for anybody’s word nor should we find any one’s fault. ‘Mere to tum ek adhara, tum bin sub jag jharat angara.’ (Only You are my support; without You the whole world is like a burning coal). If one has this understanding, one will not be affected by words. We have got such great Lord Swaminarayana. How great He is! He is as great as we understand Him. Even then, He is beyond our thinking. Then Bapasri told a scholar, “You will not allow Maharaj to be understood above Prakrti. You will do great harm. You believe even the creation of Prakrti as God. What can be gained by such understanding? We have met Lord Swaminarayana whom no one else has met.”

In the afternoon Bapasri talked in the assembly of Godpur temple. He said, “Dharma Dhurandhar Acharyasri Purusottamprasadji Maharaj had once come here. He saw satsangis eating khichadi made of math. He wanted to eat the same khichadi. Despite I advised him that it would not suit his health, he ate it so he caught diarrhoea.” Then Vrndavandasji Swami said that that khichadi cannot be digested by all.” Bapasri said if one takes it regularly it will suit to one’s digesting system. I daily eat math and enjoy the bliss of Murti. Therefore, Murti should not be given up. If Murti is with us, everything is with us. For one who is without understanding, if such saints come and stay even for a day, it will be more than enough. He might have eaten a lot during his life span of fifty years; but to feed such saints even for a day, will be difficult for him.” Swami asked, “Does the same happiness which we get today come from Murti?” Bapasri said, “The bliss in Murti is limitless. We should describe that bliss alone. We are not concerned with the words of Vairaj.” A saint asked, “What can be spoken without using the words of Vairaj?” Bapasri said, “Sriji Maharaj Himself speaks through the medium of such saints. What can Vairaj do or what will that poor fellow speak? Once at Jiva Khachar’s house marriage songs were being sung so Sriji Maharaj left the place and went to Sukhpur. There also was a marriage ceremony so He started from there. When He was passing through outskirts of village Kundal in the midnight, Mamaiya Patgar of Kundal was in his house and he recited ‘Oh Swaminarayana Bapa!’ When he said so, Sriji Maharaj immediately responded and gave him darsan. Thus if a saint calls He will also speak and also speaks through the medium of saints. Vairaj has no role in it. His words have no value. Therefore do not forget Murti. If we dwell in Murti, Maharaj Himself will speak. Therefore, the creation of Vairaj should not be cared for and we should not believe it real.” Then Bapasri asked the assembly, “O satsangis, do you understand this talk or make no head or tail of it?” Saying so he said, “All these satsangis have full trust in me.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “What would happen if one does not recognise the real thing and keeps trust everywhere?” Bapasri replied, “It will be dangerous for him. We should use discrimination in recognising saints. One should love such great saints and should put full trust on them.” Saying so, Bapasri concluded the katha. From there Bapasri along with the saints and devotees gave darsan to the devotees of Narayanapur and came to Vrspur. || 23 ||