On the day of Aso Vad 3rd, the 21st Vachanamrt of Gadhada Middle Chapter was being read in the assembly in the morning in the temple of Dahinsara. In it, it is said that whosoever understands the greatness of manifest God and saints will not have to understand anything on the path of salvation. Bapasri said, “When God is in human form on this earth, it is very difficult to know Him. This assembly is all luminous and Anadi muktas for ever remain attached to Murti by remaining engrossed in it. They also get mumuksus engrossed in Murti. param ekantiks make mumuksus as they are. Anadi muktas are already in Murti and their appearance is that of Sriji Maharaj. Anadi muktas are one with Murti; so it is Maharaj who preaches and gives darsan.

Then Bapasri took a flower in his hand and said, “This flower as well all those who came in contact with Maharaj are divine. Narnarayana divya Murti santanko visram (Narnarayana is the resting place of saints). Keep divine feeling everywhere. A jiva will not understand this point until it is black. It is black means it has passion for worldly objects; and it is white means it wishes supernatural powers up to Mula-Aksar. It will also not understand this point. It can only be understood when Maharaj shows mercy. There can exist as many Murtis as the sankalpas Maharaj floats; and these sankalpas liberate jivas.” Bapasri asked Lalsankarbhai, “Is this understood?”

These saints have done hard labour to give Murti so we also should show eagerness for Murti. Then Swami Ghansyamjivandasji came, so Bapasri remarked, “This bava embarrasses me.” Then Swami said, “Who is such who can embarrass you? No one.” Bapasri told him, “You are like brahma which pervades the entire cosmos; but do not make a mistake, i.e., do not get drawn in the current of these worldly objects.” Swami Ghansyamjivandasji said, “Bapa! Since you have met me, I am safe. Since you are pleased with me, I am not worried about any thing.” Bapasri said, “We have met Maharaj who is capable of removing vicious elements from innumerable jivas. Sriji Maharaj moves about in the Satsang on horseback and He will punish whosoever violates His commands. Have you seen Him?” The saints replied, “Yes, we have seen.” Bapasri said, “Maharaj is realised only by His grace. He liberates jivas by His grace. He should be pleased. What should a jiva do to please Maharaj? It should put efforts then Maharaj and saints will show their grace on it. Now the efforts are over and realisation through only grace remains.” Then Bapasri asked the saints to talk because he was tired. Then the saints said, “Tonight at 12.45 Nagardasbhai came from Viramgam. And you talked with him and got a letter written for him. He went back to Bhuj and since then you are sitting after taking bath and performing puja and continued talking till seven in the morning. Today you have talked much so it is obvious that you feel tired.” Bapasri said, “A devotee was in trouble and to make him free from the trouble I prayed and he went away immediately. He trusts me and knows that no one else can do this work. He has not known protector other than Maharaj and mukta so he came from long distance of 750 miles. Such is his understanding about the greatness of God. Here there are a few who understand such greatness. Devotees of this place have much love but they are thickheaded; so if anyone creates doubt in their minds, they may forget just as liquid evaporates, even though they have understood greatness and have seen miracles.” Then Bapasri asked the saints to talk about niyams and dharma to devotees. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “The talks on niyams and dharma are usual in the Satsang whereas when you talk, you chiefly talk about Murti.” Bapasri said, “Our main aim of all our efforts is causal Murti and only that is to be done. When one becomes pure by observing niyams and dharma, this assembly instills Murti in him. Therefore, one should become worthy of dwelling in Murti and should know Anadi muktas dwelling in Murti.” Then Khimjibhai requested Bapasri by saying, “All these devotees want you to visit their home. So please be kind enough to visit the village along with the saints and devotees.” Bapasri along with saints and devotees visited the whole village to give darsan to the villagers. There all the devotees performed puja of Bapasri and the saints with saffron, sandalwood paste, kumkum etc. Then Bapasri went to temple at the time of arati. ||20 ||