On the day of Jeth Sud 1st, saint Muktavallabhdasji asked a question in the assembly, “Where do all Jivas live when Mahakal destroys?” Bapashri said, “All Jivas live in illusion (maya) and illusion in Mulpurush that is in Krishna and that Purush lives in Vasudevbrahma’s assembly. When it is a time of creation of the world, Purush who has merged Jivas in illusion, takes them out and creates the world through illusion. Then Bapashri said, “What difference does it make whether cosmos is created or not. We should catch hold of Maharaj and His Muktas and get attached to them with soul intellect. I have not seen Badrikashram, Swetdweep, Golok and infinite Brahmands. I have seen nothing so how can I reply. If you ask me about this world, I will be confused. Such answers can be given by learned persons. How can he who has seen neither village nor the path give reply? Just as the king sitting on the thrown does not know how many villages or regions are his. So how can Purushottamnarayan and His Muktas know? Even then, everything is there with Him. The happiness of God’s Murti is not comparable to mundane happiness. Our principle is ‘mere to toom ek adhara‘ (you are my only support means only one), Purushottamnarayan’s Murti and His saints – no other thing excepting that. If we talk other than that, will be confused. Draupadi was the cause of Mahabharat and Sita was the cause of Ramayan. We achieve nothing from it. We will get entangled in it. The fruit of all means is Maharaj, if we understand his greatness. If we become worthy, everything will be achieved. Just as milk of lioness can be put in golden vessel. Similarly, if we become as pure as Shriji Maharaj, Shriji Maharaj can be achieved. If we put efforts, will be made worthy by Shriji Maharaj. We have got chintamani but everything is wasted like a tailor to use Chintamani wastes in stitching. We have got Murti but Jiva does not get attached to it by considering to it as its own. || 229 ||