In the morning of Fagana Vad 8th, Bapasri met saints and devotees after finishing his daily routine. He said, “This type of meeting together is very rare. This assembly is that of Aksardham. It is the assembly of Anadi muktas dwelling in Murti; Maharaj is in the centre and looks at all with His graceful eyes. We should enjoy the bliss of that Murti. Jiva loses his life by indulging in objects of five senses. We have achieved causal Murti Sriji Maharaj and so we have been fulfilled. We should keep intoxication of that benifit. ‘Sacha sura re jena veri ghav vakhane’ (the brave is one whose attack is praised by his enemy)- we should become brave like it. Mahaprabhu showed His pity so He is easily available. Muktas dwelling in Murti have been recognised, this is all because of Sriji Maharaj. ‘Amrtras meli re vikh hun nahi chakhun, rasiya tam vina re valu nahi rakhun’ (I will not taste poison putting aside nectar. Nobody will be dear to me excepting you). We should remain like thus from now onwards.” While Bapasri was talking thus, a devotee came, had darsan of assembly, garlanded Bapasri and prostrated before him. Bapasri said, “All right! Saying so put his hand on the devotee’s head. Then taking the garland in the hand said to Vrndavandasji Swami that those flowers were unreal. They do not have smell. Swami said, “Bapa! Since you accepted it, they became real.” Bapasri said, “It is true. This assembly is divine. This assembly belongs to Lord Swaminarayana and the one who comes in it becomes divine, even clothes, vehicles, servants, all divine. Today there is very good opportunity”. While he was talking thus, Sanwaldasbhai came, had darsan and said Jay Swaminarayana. Bapasri jokingly said in Sindhi language, “Where were you?” Sanwaldasbhai said that he was in Murti. Hearing that, Bapasri was pleased. At that time, Purani Dharmakisordasji came with sandalwood paste and after reciting sloka, applied sandalwood paste on the forehead of Bapasri. Bapasri took the bowl of sandalwood paste from him and applied to both Sadgurus, Purani, Parsad, Asabhai, Motibhai, etc. Then Bapasri called Somchandbhai and asked him to come near. Then Bapasri said to Sadguru Swami, “Look he is my humble servant. Saying so, Bapasri applied sandalwood paste on the forehead of all. Then he cleaned his hand and said to Swami Isvarcharanadasji that whosoever came in this assembly at this time, is very lucky- a great thing is being done in this assembly. Where is jiva and where is great Maharaj! It is very big talk. If divine feeling of this assembly is understood, everything is fulfilled. Look! After performing puja, seven times met all- while getting up, bathing, after performing puja meeting, garlanding, giving prasad, applying sandalwood paste to all saints and devotees, touching feet, if greatness is understood thus, the goal will be achieved. There is group of saints on all four sides and Maharaj is in front of all, and what to talk about Anadi? For them there is nothing excepting Murti. One should have darsan, touch, prasadi, meet, perform puja, take the wind touched– such is this assembly. There is nothing like it. Maharaj is constantly present in this assembly. There is no such God in any other infinite cosmoses. He who is Nyalkarana (fulfilling everything) has graced the assembly.

Then Bapasri started talking showing his pleasure. He said, “Several come to me for pardoning their faults. I am already forgiving their guilt but the dictum of Maharaj is that the one who goes to muktas for getting pardoned his faults and then if he again treads on the same path deceitfully, is known as ungrateful. So do not do like that and ask for pardon sincerely, understanding greatness. To clarify the point Bapasri gave an example. He said, “I was in Bhuj along with Swami Nirgundasji and Laksmirambhai, etc. there a devotee came and prayingly he asked for repentance- it should be neither be done bodily nor by the power of wealth. Then I said that this Laksmirambhai who is known as good as Vyasa’s dais. Swami you are also like Laksmirambhai and I am your servant. So I know something- please do a favour so that his five great sins get burnt. Scriptures have been written by sages formerly but mukta like you is present here. So show your mercy. Then showing mercy on him told him all your guilts are pardoned from today- thus I beg from Maharaj. The principle of muktas is to save jiva by hook or crook. Do not apply logic. If one applies logic, he will commit guilt. Therefore, all of you be doubtless. Maya is the form of sin and it changes decision. It will take you on the wrong path and will draw you in worldly affairs. Therefore, obey Sriji Maharaj’s commands properly. The power of Maharaj and muktas is very much and should know that this trunk is real. If there is divine feeling in satsang, goal will be achieved. This time the opportunity is good and all have been fulfilled. If there is knowledge of greatness, all will have new birth. This assembly is like Aksardham as said by Maharaj. Here there is difference of big and small but in divine perspective (parbhav) all are equal. Thus, Maharaj has sworn.

Then Bapasri said, “My younger son came for darsan, I made him prostrate before all saints.” Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji told to prostrate before Bapasri but he did not do it. Then I said, “It is family matter. One who stays together and has no knowledge of greatness will behave like it. He cannot choose the path. Satsangi, devotee and saints all are divine. It is true that much can be done in association with muktas. How much peace you get when we sit under the shade of a tree? Then is it not possible there would be something in the shade of a great man. Swami said, “It is hot if we go out in the hot sun- what about it?” Bapasri said, “Keep together Maharaj and great muktas remembering them with divine feeling. Otherwise, it will be like delicious dishes in talk only and hunger will not be satiated. One will not get happiness in ordinary satsang. If one imbibes, any one’s fault and guilt it will be like making loss instead of making profit in business. If one digs a mountain himself, he will not get any wage, but he is asked by someone and does labour, he will earn some money. Similarly, if one does according to the commands of Maharaj and muktas, much can be done. Maharaj and muktas are graceful. This is the miracle of Sriji Maharaj. When Santdasji got divine body, Sriji Maharaj and infinite muktas were with him- this entire glory is because of causal Murti. To stand with folded hands before Maharaj and Anadi is not a small thing. This is a big thing and we should have trust in such muktas. To make us fulfilled is in the hands of Maharaj and great muktas. The state of muktas is beyond description. They show the feeling of this world but it is for the close association of infinite. If one remembers their state, passion, anger, etc. will not be obstacle. In case they become obstacle, great muktas will give assistance. When Sachchidanand Swami had the separation with Sriji Maharaj, he was bleeding even then muktas did not agree.

Somchandbhai said, “Bapa! When can jiva have relationship with transcendent (vytirek) Murti?” Bapasri said, “Sriji Maharaj is there invisible in all frorm jiva to Aksar –means He is there in all sousl (anvay form). This has been said in the 5th Vachanamrt of Sarangpur. But when Sriji Maharaj appears in this world in the human form, one should know Him as He is and supreme by getting attached to muktas, then his basic ignorance will be destroyed and he will establish relationship with Sriji Maharaj’s transcendent (vyatirek) Murti and then he becomes mukta. Therefore, relationship of transcendent Murti is with muktas only. || 63 ||