Bapasri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Sriji Maharaj has sworn and said that this assembly is that of Aksardham. It is seen with divine sight. The greatness of this assembly and of Maharaj and His happiness is told by some by guessing, some by giving proof and some by seeing. Those, who see themselves and say is true. In this assembly, there are such who have seen with their naked eyes, Himself Maharaj is also there with them. Just as rich food has ghee, sugar, etc. in it. Similarly, where there are great muktas there is Maharaj Himself- if one searches, he can see. Therefore, the opportunity is good, time is good so get this work done without fail. This opportunity, even Aksar does not have. Because Aksar remains only in divinity, so it does not have further progress. Above it there is ekantik– up to it avarbhav (view from the perspective of this world). Above it there is param ekantik– it is in divine perspective (parbhav) and anadi mukta is even above that divine perspective. Their state is complete. Such anadi mukta dwells in Murti in the infinite divine form. Such is Murti’s infiniteness. Therefore, the seed of Murti should be brought often in talking but should not go out of Murti by useless talk. He who comes out of Murti suffers. Therefore, while doing rosary, mental worship, katha-varta, meditation, in all these Murti should be kept foremost. This mukta appears as adi but he is not adi, he is Anadi. Get attached to such mukta and always remain engrossed in Murti but never come out from Murti. We should ourselves become a temple means remain only in Murti. When can we become a temple? When one behaves by keeping atmabuddhi for great Anadi; that atmabuddhi is very great. Today Maharaj and Anadi muktas themselves move about in satsang. If one has true love, Maharaj Himself draws him with love. Maharaj and muktas are sitting in this assembly. This saint is divine Murti. This assembly is that of Aksardham. This saint is seen with Maharaj Himself. This saint is very great. To recognise him is very difficult. He sits with Him who is manifest. But the greatness of manifest is not understood as it is understood that of non-manifest.” Then Bapasri said, “There are four kinds of destruction take place according to wishes of Maharaj. In it dissolution through knowledge takes place by one’s own efforts- that dissolution through knowledge always remains and when it becomes divinely personified- means it becomes anadi mukta by experiential knowledge of Maharaj. If one betrays Anadi muktas and Maharaj he will perish even if he has achieved divine attribute. Just as if one betrays the temple, Maharaj is also betrayed along with it. Ultimate liberation is only possible by the grace of mukta because he himself is divine Murti. In satsang there is tug of war between some for charanarvind of prasadi. The reason is that it is a divine thing but if one installs Murti in his soul, there will be innumerable pairs of charanarvind, which will not deplete. Therefore, install Maharaj in the soul and be param ekantik. If one does so, Maharaj and Anadi muktas will draw him in the happiness of Murti. All saints are sitting in Aksardham means they are sitting in woods but not in the kingdom. Know that you do not have share anywhere excepting in Murti and associate with those who dwell in Murti. Today such muktas give darsan in satsang by mercy. This assembly and this saint are Murtis of divine chaitanya Brahma. Have constant memory of them. Constant memory is better than Samadhi because the one having Samadhi gets happiness during Samadhi only, then he is empty. Therefore, even if Murti is not seen to the one having constant memory, it is better. We should pray to Maharaj for divine feeling for ever. Then only Maharaj and great Anadi will be pleased. If one remains in the grace of Anadi muktas, they will take him in the bliss of Murti- much is done by grace. Great anadi mukta is himself present in this assembly and he says it but he is not non-manifest. If great muktas are known in the physical sense (vachyartha), the work will not be done. But if he is known in real sense (laksyartha), the work will be completed. It is a season of autumn. In this season trees bear fruits. Just as there are fruits of four yugas. Similarly, if one listened to the words of great Anadis with love and trust, fruits will be in the form of divine body. In the talks of muktas, bones of some are pierced but who has no determination does not know the greatness and does not have faith. Therefore, if one applies reasoning, he will not be liberated. But if greatness is understood in the real sense (laksyartha), body will become divine body and will get boyhood and becoming one with Purusottam, will become the form of Purusottam. In it the master–servant relationship remains firm and shape becomes like Purusottam. Luminescence of Sriji Maharaj is inherent (anvaya) in Aksar, etc. Muktas enjoys only bliss of Murti. Therefore, we should also enjoy much.” While talking thus, Bapasri showed his wish to go to Kutch next day and told the devotees that he wanted to stay for eight days but fifteen days had already passed. Now, he wanted to go tomorrow. At that time Lalubhai, Mahadevbhai, Devjibhai, Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Haribhai, Prabhasankarbhai, the teacher, Amichandbhai, Somchandbhai, Gordhanbhai, Govindbhai, Laljibhai, etc. devotees requested Bapasri to stay for eight days more because many devotees had remained thirsty of darsan, seva, association. “You have come by showing your mercy. Similarly, stay for eight days more showing mercy on us so that all will rejoice.” Bapasri said, “I stay here for eight days more or for ever- which one is better?” Then looking at Swami told saints, “What do you think?” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! Do as you please. Even if you stay for eight days more, you have to stay constantly, without which how is it possible? You are there where there is Maharaj and show me where Maharaj is not there. Maharaj is omnipresent and so it is with you. Therefore, do as you like.” Knowing that Bapasri wishes to go to Kutch, Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints did not insist much. Devotees of Karachi were told that they had taken much benefit. Bapasri also made them fulfilled, considering them as his own. Now since they have been kept in Murti, they should enjoy happiness of Murti remaining in Murti. Infinite Anadi muktas take that happiness remaining engrossed in Murti. In the present time Bapasri appears in sight to give that divine happiness. He moves about from village to village and whosoever takes shelter makes him enjoyer of happiness of Murti- such is his resolution. Therefore, do so that Bapasri is pleased. Just see! How much mercy has Bapasri on the devotees of this city? So Bapasri constantly remains in Murti in divine form but it appears that Bapasri came, stayed for eight days or ten-fifteen days, thus took benefit, were blessed thus. In this way Bapasri visited this city four times and gave darsan. He first visited in Samvat 1967, then in 1972, then in 1979, and in 1983. Thus, Bapasri gave darsan having higher or lower state in satsang, having no state, ekantik, param ekantik, mumukshus or ordinary trivial jivas and did many famous deeds- many Parayanas were done, Murtis were installed in the temple of Gadikhata area, built chhatri as a memorial place in the memory of Sriji Maharaj had come at the time of installation of Murtis in the divine form and charanarvind were put in chhatri, Murti was installed there and brahmayajnas were performed at the houses of many householders; Murti was put at the house of Mohanbhai, parayana was done and Murti was installed in sukhsaiya (comfortable bed), moreover Malir Bag became of prasadi, the seashore of Havabander was made the form of memorial in the presence of thousands of devotees and mumuksus. Many jivas were given promise of ultimate liberation. Thus, Bapasri gave much happiness to the devotees of Karachi. Then Bapasri said, “Swami Isvarcharanadasji has remembered fairly well my visit of this place, even then he forgot two visits.” Swamisri said, “Bapa! Which one has been forgotten?” Then Bapasri showing his favour, “When I was young I came with my father and again when I was twenty years old I had also came but at that time Karachi was quite different. Now it has become big city. It was not like this at that time.” Thus, Bapasri made them remember his two more visits. Swami Vrndavandasji, Swami Isvarcharanadasji, etc. saints had heard that Bapasri had come to Karachi when he was young- that memory was proper. Then Hirabhai, Ukabhai, Sanwaldasbhai told all to get ready as the time was up to go to garden of Malir Bag as was fixed previously along with Bapasri, Sadgurus, group of saints, devotees, etc. therefore the talk was discontinued. Bapasri and saints offered meals to Ṭhakorji. Devotees also came to go along with them. In the meanwhile cars came. Saints and devotees sat in cars and started to go to the garden Malir singing devotional songs. Ukabhai and residents of garden came to receive at the place where there was river in the middle. The car could not move because of sand so saints and devotees started walking and Bapasri sat in a cart which was from the garden. Then sitting on his seat Bapasri looking at the dense tree said, “Swami! All trees are having darsan of this divine assembly so all have got divine feeling. If anyone puts dust of this assembly on his head, his sins of many births will be burnt. All these places have become attributeless.” Maharaj said, “The tree under which you sit or dip your legs in the river or the ponds become the form of pilgrimage. Thus, the talk about saints like you following dharma and rules is different. Such is this assembly of saints. Where can one get darsan of saints who drink bliss of Murti? By such darsan there will be ultimate liberation.” Then praising Ukabhai, Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Harilal, Kundan, etc. Bapasri said, “They all have much love so they are always ready to please with folded hands. Their seva is such, straight forward and trusting. Maharaj is soon pleased with such nature. The one who keeps feeling of servant in satsang is not a small thing.” Then at the request of Hirabhai, Bapasri along with saints and devotees bathed in the swimming pool. Saints were singing devotional songs and devotees were bathing by putting prasadi water on their heads. At that time Bapasri quoted a devotional song ‘Zini zini bund pade chhe meghni’ (it is raining in small droplets). Singing so he met all and said, “Bliss emits like jet from Murti. Infinite muktas make cries of joy in that bliss. See all this in divine feeling. We have nothing else excepting Murti.” Then Swami Vrndavandasji Swami and Isvarcharanadasji were requested to give the happiness of Murti to all. Bapasri said, “I am doing that work only. There may be some senior in satsang but they do not know about it. When they understand such talks, they consider themselves to be fortunate. Such pilgrimage does extraordinary work with memory. By the memory of such divine assembly ultimate liberation is done.” Saying so Bapasri made Jay ghosh of Sri Sahajanand Maharaj. Then after changing clothes he came to his seat and sat on the porch. At that time Ukabhai, Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Harilal, Kundan and younger son of Hirabhai, etc. along with the family garlanded Murti, Bapasri and saints. Bapasri also gave them garlands of prasadi and blessed them and said, “Always continue to progress and enjoy bliss of Murti.” Then Bapasri told Hirabhai that his swimming pool has become prasadi because such saints and devotees bathed in it- this has become a great tirtha. Maharaj and saints are only giver of liberation. Those who come in contact with them are very fortunate. Where is such saint and where is the state of jiva! This saint brought me here. He has such capacity that he can give them bliss of Maharaj by his sankalpa only– such is his capacity. Then devotees celebrated, sang devotional songs. Then all were given prasadi and praised Lalubhai, “What a great mukta, Maharaj has kept in such region! He is called movable tirtha.” Saying so, Bapasri put his hands on his head. Then at the request of Hirabhai, started to go to his another garden which was on the opposite bank of the river, but thinking that Bapasri could not walk in sand of river, Ukabhai and Sanwaldasbhai brought a mare. Bapasri was made to sit on it and all reached that garden singing devotional songs. There Bapasri drank water from the well, threw his glance on trees, gave darsan on the way to all and came to railway station. As there was some time for the train to come and since it was the time of arati, saints and devotees did arati-dhoon. On seeing such divine group the station master asked someone to bring chairs. So Bapasri, saints and devotees all sat on them. ||100||