In the morning of Kartak Sud 4th, Bapasri after having bath and puja went to give darsan to homes of devotees having love and then came to temple. After katha-varta was over, he came to the house of Dhanjibhai to offer meals to Ṭhakorji. There he showed his desire to go to Vrspur. Dhanjibhai and his sons requested Bapasri not to hurry and requested him to stay five-ten days more. At that time Bapasri jokingly said, “You have constructed these new houses so if you give me a place to stay in it, I will stay.” Then Harjibhai said, “Bapa! These are your houses so live happily.” Bapasri said, “You three brothers and your father all four of you make decision. I will stay but will not pay single pence.” Harjibhai said, “Bapa! All right. We have no need of it. I offer it to you with a vow of tulsi. But see that you do not change your decision.” Bapasri praised Harjibhai and said, “He is young but very strong. The whole family is like this. This Dhanjibhai is also brave. The whole family has love and never disobey my word. They would always give words of courage in worldly activity, in happiness-unhappiness, in sickness, etc. I always consider everyone as my own. Since you insist I will stay for two days more.” Saying so, he came to the temple. In the evening, at around 4.0p.m., Bapasri sitting in horse-carriage, along with devotees on foot was going to bathe and on the way devotees were singing devotional songs. At that time at the river site devotees from village Kera, Vrspur, Rampur, Dahinsara, Bharasar, Sukhpur, Mankuva, were waiting for Bapasri to come. They all became joyous on seeing Bapasri. Then saints, devotees and Bapasri bathed. Devotees were singing devotional song. Then Bapasri himself sat on the sand for doing mental worship and devotees sang devotional song as they are sung like garbi. Bapasri came out of mental worship and said, “You all have come for darsan from different villages by delaying your work- I know it. Such are the efforts to please Maharaj. All have eagerness for Murti. If someone has confusion, it is his look out. We should also think good of him. I want to put jiva directly in Murti. I have no any other work so doing it- round the clock and never remain idle. I have seen great Nanda Sadhus who never left Murti. They continuously did rosary, mental worship, meditation, bhajan, seva, katha-varta, etc. They believed that excepting that happiness, what else is worth seeing? We should also follow that path. Many waste their lives in enjoyment, in selfishness, in sensual objects, etc. we have got Purusottamnarayana who is eternal so we should not stop anywhere. How great is Maharaj and how great is Anadi muktas! This is very big thing, otherwise what is the capacity of jivas?” Saying so, as the time was up he sat in horse carriage and along with devotees while coming to village, on the way Dhanjibhai prayed and requested Bapasri to visit his farm. So Bapasri visited it. He went round the farm and said that since the owner of this farm is Ghansyam Maharaj, call it Ghansyam Wadi henceforth and along with the name of the farm remember Murti of Ghansyam Maharaj. Then Dhanjibhai offered banana and papaiya to Ṭhakorji and Bapasri distributed prasad to all and came to the temple along with devotees. || 111 ||