On the morning of Bhadarva Sud 11th ,Bapashri along with all saints, devotees went to chhatri for darshan. After having darshan, Bapashri sat on the porch of chhatri. Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “Shriji Maharaj had visited Dangarva. There Jatanba had prepared food for seventy-five persons. Shriji Maharaj fed all this food to four saints and Sachchidanand Swami ate food of thousand persons prepared by Jivakhachar, this means that this food was also eaten away by saints of abodes (Akshardham). If such a great saint meets and if he is fed, that food will be eaten by Maharaj and Muktas. Therefore, every mendicant should be given food because great Muktas may be there with him invisibly and if they eat, the fruit of it will be very much. In Budhej, Shriji Maharaj asked for a loaf from Khodabhai’s mother but she did not give. It was a great loss for her. In Jetalpur, there is a well (vav) on east side gate of kotha and there is banyan tree. Shriji Maharaj was seating under that tree after coming from forest (vanvicharan). There Gangama came and asked Him to go with her to dine. Then Maharaj done lilla and told her that He did not go anywhere on foot. Gangama asked Him how he had come there. Maharaj said that He was brought by His servant. She asked Him where His servant was-He was alone. Maharaj said His servants were invisible and she could not see them. Then Gangama knew that He was acting like a small child and showing stubbornness, but she thought He would die of hunger and took Him with her in her arms. Then she put Him down in the front portion of house (porch-osari) and brought food for Him after taking bath herself and requested Him to take food. Maharaj said that He had not completed His morning routine and even did not have bath. Gangama told Him to go to the pond and take bath there. Then Maharaj said He who wants to feed him, takes Him otherwise he would prefer not to go. Then Gangama asked who takes Him daily. Maharaj said the one who needs to feed Him takes Him. Then Gangama thought that He seems to be mad and His parents might have driven Him out but now where He would go. Then Gangama thinking so did everything to complete His morning routine including giving Him bath, dressing Him and taking Him back to her house. And made Him sit in the portico and requested to Him to dine. Then Maharaj said if you need to serve Him feed Him. Then she fed Him -by such service, she was very much benefited because it was the service of God Himself and if she had not done it by not understanding his lilla, it would have been a great loss. Maharaj was also pleased with her service and drew her senses (vruti) in His Murti. Therefore, she develops love for Maharaj. If Maharaj went hither-thither, she would finding out and bringing Him home. Thus fifteen days passed. In the meanwhile, Ramanand Swami had come in Amdavad to Hirachand Chokshi’s house. He informs Gangama that he had come and would stay for two days and if she wanted to come for darshan, she could come. Then Gangama thought that she went for darshan this Brahmchari might go away somewhere so she locked Him inside the house and went to Amdavad. She had the darshan of Ramanand Swami. She told him that a Brahmchari had come to her house and He had been locked in house so if she stayed there for a night, he would feel uneasy. Therefore, she requested him to allow her to go, after she had his darshan. Ramanand Swami permitted her to go and asked her to serve Brahmchari-he is very great. Then she came to Jetalpur and after unlocking the door, she did not find Maharaj. She went round the village and asked everyone if he had seen Brahmchari. People said that they had not. When Ramanand Swami left for his heavenly abode, she went to Gadhada. There Maharaj show her, got up from His seat, and embraced her and said that His mother had come. She had served me in Jetalpur as mother serves. Therefore, she was His mother and she should be called as such. Such a great benefit Gangama got. Thereafter, she prepares food for Maharaj daily and used to go with Him village to village. On the way she would walk bare footed and would carry stove (sagadi) on her head and walked in such a way that food could be prepared on the way. Such was her service. Once Maharaj asked her, “What kind of person do you know me as?” She said, “You are lord Krishna himself and Ramanand Swami was also Lord Krishna, you are the same. But Ramanand Swami and Lord Krishna and you are not different-the same only. Maharaj scolded her and told her that she did not recognize Him after such a long association and selfless service. He added that He was, Mahakal above shree Krishna, even above that Narnarayan, above that Vashudev Brahm, above that Muktas of Mulakshar, above that Mulakshar and above all of them His Mukta was Ramanand Swami and He was the Master of such infinite Muktas, he was Shree Purushottam Narayan. He was the only God. There was no one to be compared with Him and nobody was going to be like Him-thus, He explains His self by showing grace. There is no means like the means of service of God’s Mukta and God but while serving God and saints, there should be discretion. Bapashri said, “Our saints had gone to Hyderabad. A devotee fed them and offered dhoti and gave the same treatment to the Vairagi (saint of paroksha) – it should not be done thus. There should be discretion in spending as well. It cannot be spent elsewhere excepting satsang. In satsang, we should identify those obeying dharma and not obeying- we should serve obeying dharma and association should be done by knowing/ recognizing. You should not serve in any way the one who loves money because he is not at all of Swaminarayan. Serving him will not reach Shriji Maharaj. Therefore there should be discretion in service too. While talking about God the talk should be according to the depth of the audience but if someone asks for further explanation, he should be satisfied. In case if someone does not understand and feels regret even then he should be explained thoroughly because if we say less about the greatness of Maharaj, he will be guilty of Him, and other saint will feel sorry, so Maharaj will also feel sorry. Then it is the guilt against Maharaj. Therefore, Maharaj should not be under- estimated.” After the talk, Bapashri met all, bless them and came to the temple. On the next day, Swami etc. came to Amdavad via Bhuj. || 211 ||