In the night assembly, Bapasri, showing his favour talked. He said, “On this earth God behaves in the form of a king, in the form of sovereign, in the form of Sadguru and in the form of saint- know as it is His way. When God behaves in the form of a king, an ordinary human being will find it difficult to come in contact with Him. And, when He behaves as the sovereign, very great person may come in contact with Him with great difficulty. When He behaves as Sadguru great devotees sit continuously in the assembly, and if anyone from the assembly wants to ask a question does not get chance even after waiting for a long time. Then how can others’ questions be raised? Therefore, association with Him becomes very difficult. When He behaves as sadhu any question can be asked. Anyone can come, anything can be talked, anyone can go with him- there will not be any difficulty at all, and all can get happiness as per their wish and there is no need of formalities. All whether small or big get a chance to associate and all have friendly relation. Therefore, at this time Sriji Maharaj behaved as sadhu to make all jivas happy. Moreover, Bapasri said, “The devotee of God should think that since he is the devotee of God how can he behave as an ordinary jiva of this world? We want to please God and great muktas and want to achieve constant divine happiness. This kind of understanding lacks in jiva of this world and think about our understanding. Thinking thus, we should not be sorry or happy by the activity of the jiva of this world and should think that the worldly jiva suffers many kinds of happiness and unhappiness, even then it does not give up its nature. If I am the servant of Sriji Maharaj and my nature is to enjoy the happiness of Murti, how can I give up that nature? It is not possible for jiva to come out of maya and achieve Lord Purusottam by doing means or by his own understanding. Just as water is the life for fishes. Similarly when jiva binds itself with very great persons means Anadi Maha Mukta and becomes one with them, it crosses maya and plays in Murti becoming form of Purusottam– there is nothing difficult in it. Without it, no jiva has capacity to work in front of Sri Purusottam. Becoming free from maya and walking in front of Purusottam is possible by associating with such great Anadi muktas who have such capacity. Just as Bhuchar and Khechar are birds- Bhuchar sits high up and the egg of Khechar lies on the earth- then the egg is hatched and becomes young one, it flies away and goes up. Similarly those who are attached to great muktas having upasana of Lord Purusottam realise Lord Purusottamnarayana Sahajanand Swami who is above Prakrti Purusa, Brahma, Aksar, etc. but does not stop anywhere in the middle. Such is their capacity on account of the strength of Murti.” || 96 ||