Once, devotees were sitting in the farm to have meals. Bapasri had gone there and after giving darsan to all was sitting under a mango tree. Dr. Nagardasbhai, Manilalbhai, and Lalubhai, Hirabhai, Gordhanbhai, Govindbhai, Amichandbhai, Somchandbhai, etc. of Karachi and Mansukhbhai of Sara and Bhagvanjibhai of village Mathak and several other devotees were having darsan of saints and devotees who were taking meals. They all made chandla of kumkum on forehead of Bapasri and Bapasri also applied Kumkum to all and said, “Do not take this as chandla of kumkum. These are chandla of Aksardham.” Then Bapasri said to Dr. Nagardasbhai and Manilalbhai that he (Bapasri) had gone to Narayanpur to see Harji of Dhanjibhai as he was having very high fever. “I consoled him and said that fever would subside the next day. But you both brothers (Nagardasbhai and Manilalbhai) go there and tell him not to worry. Maharaj will do everything good so he will be able to come for darsan in yajna– such will be the improvement in his health. The fever is very high so he must be thinking, he will not be able to go in yajna but give him consolation. Take Lalubhai also with you. Harji has much knowledge of greatness. So when darsan of Lalubhai and yours will be had, he will become well.” After advising them thus Bapasri started for the temple with all devotees. On the way Bapasri jokingly told Lalubhai in Kutchhi, ‘Aani kite hua?’(Where were you?) Lalubhai replied in Kutchhi that he was in Murti. Then Bapasri asked, “What happened in the farm?” Lalubhai said to Bapasri that there were chandla of Aksardham and Prasad of Sriji Maharaj was given in the farm. Bapasri described about the faith and love of Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai, etc. to devotee and came to the temple. || 138 ||