On the evening of Vaishakh Vad 30th, Bapashri along with saints and devotees came to new farm. There after having bath set under jambun tree and all perform mental worship.

Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “The fruit of all means is only Murti, we should look at it. In the meanwhile devotee from Kera came. While his son was playing, he had an attack of convulsion and he died in his father’s lap. His father put his son in the lap of Swami Ishwarcharandasji. Swami said that he was made impure. Then Bapashri said to give water to the boy. He was given water and boy came back to life. Bapashri said, “This is Naimisharnya- kshetra so the boy was saved, his work was done. See the miracles of Swaminarayan. The boy was dead but became alive. Even after seeing such miracles, if one does not develop love for satsang, it is a defect in determination. Then Bapashri told a saint we were become renouncer so give up unnecessary talk, inanimate, animate, etc. If it does not become less, you will be away from Maharaj in that much proportion. Be calm and cool do not become unhappy. Then Bapashri asked which meditation was he doing-sang, upang, salil and saparshad- which of them? Tell me whose meditation are you doing? Meditate on Shriji. If you do service (seva) you will get meva- do not do aseva (bad service). Do not speak much- remain the servant of a servant. ‘Das tamara das no mane rakho nath hajur.‘ The service of a servant should be like that of Muktanand Swami and Gopalanand Swami. Benefit should not be taken even to the extent to which the tree takes. You have come to Kutch by spending on fares. At that time, the tree shook. Bapashri said, “Look the jambun tree is smiling. It is my luck. The tree is smiling because it knows such a Mukta is sitting under its shade. Thus, even inanimate thing takes benefit. Whereas human beings are deprived of it. If we do not become like a pillar or a tree, what is the use of it? This tree will be benefited in this opportunity. The tree may penance for whole kalpa and may become dry but it will not get such benefit. Ramjibhai of Uperdal use to come to the temple of this place and he would embrace trees of coconuts, pear, etc. and would cry and say that they are very lucky because they always get darshan of such Muktas. Where as he will have to leave and go. When he would say, so I know that he has real love and understanding of greatness. We should become like him. Murti of Shriji Maharaj should be kept in all three states. Give up taste and ego. The time is very good and try to become fulfill. Some are in the habit of criticizing. They have no knowledge of our virtues and insult us. We should examine if we are doing service or activity according to the wish of Maharaj or against of His wish. Big Shastris of Vadodara challenged our sect and said that we were praising our saints and asked to prove it, so that they could believe. Then Shriji Maharaj told Brahmanand Swami that he needed his help. Brahmanand Swami said, “Should he show it or tell it. Shriji Maharaj told him to do according to his wish.” Then Swami made a cradle of gold and he become a small child and slept in the cradle then Vedas came and swung the cradle and started praising the greatness. Brahmanand Swami caught hold of the sun and the moon and hung bunch of stars in the middle and began to play. Seeing that Pandits were very much surprised. Today there are such Anadis but we do not know them. Today we have met them if we get attached to them and serve them by knowing their greatness, then there are Muktas like Brahmanand Swami in this assembly but their power have been kept hidden. Do not waste time we will not get such time. You should keep same feeling for them. In the past Maharaj also made happy in this way and today, he is doing in the same way. We sit together and do katha, varta. So, there is feeling of friendship so you do not know their power but for the one whom this appears divine must be feeling very happy and vruti (desire) must be getting merged in Murti and fountains of luminescence must be emitting. And those who do not find it as divine would dislike and would criticize and say that they apply sandalwood paste, meet, etc., this is all to make us fool. If one feels that unless he has not seen another luminescence form other than this assembly, he will not be benefited, he will not achieve anything and Maharaj has called him chandal (a man of lowest caste).Therefore, this assembly should be considered divine luminescence as that of Akshardham. || 228 ||