On the day of Vaishakh Vad 11th, Brahmachari Nirgunanadji requested Bapashri in the assembly to be graced so that he could do the mental worship which Sukhdevbhakta performed. Then Bapashri said, “start doing mental worship and meditation and will be graced-how can you be graced till you remain idle. No sooner does the Jiva becomes free from work, it sleep or gossips but does not remember God. It is playful like a child. One should not keep such childish nature. From the stage of childhood one should become old man but should not allow to be young (this advice is maint for sadhana)-after associating with Muktas, if ego remains, the association has no meaning. When jiva becomes worthy it is graced, so everyone will have to worthy then he will be graced. To become worthy one should give up one’s own mental insistence and do as told by Muktas. If you start meditating within six months you will be given bliss of Murti, therefore become worthy and there should not be any thought animate or inanimate illusion. If there is thought of two of these it will sin and if they come in action it will be great sin. Maharaj speaks through my medium, no one else speaks, therefore believe it to be true and do not allow the company of inanimate and animate illusion, then you are ours. Whether I am there or not but if you obey commands I am always with you and will protect you and will keep you with me and if do not obey I am not concerned with you at all. The fruit of coming here is to obey command, do meditation, worship, give up passion from this world and remember Maharaj’s Murti constantly- we have come together for this purpose and it should be done and only for that purpose you come here spending on fare, coming by sea route and bearing much difficulty. If someone ask you why do you go kutch often? You should say that we go for this purpose and if you want to do it act in the same way. || 179 ||