At night, saints and devotees were sitting on the first floor of temple. At that time, Bapasri said to Hirabhai and Haribhai, “By arranging parayana of Vachanamrt Rahasyartha Pradipika, you have taken much benefit. By arranging brahmayajna, you have attracted all. The divine sound which arises in katha is all of divine perspective (parbhav). They are all words of Sriji Maharaj and great muktas. This divine sound cannot be heard even if one goes around the infinite cosmoses. Everything is there at the abode of Sriji Maharaj. These are all miraculous talks. In every Muni, there are groups of many Munis- such are these rare muktas. Sriji Maharaj has made them easily available. So, you meet them, talk with them, feed them, and take their blessings- they are echoes of Maharaj. Muktas remain as attendant and drink the divine juice. They are enjoyers of bliss of Murti while remaining engrossed and are always together. Then Bapasri looking at Lalubhai asked him whether it is thus or not. Lalubhai replied to Bapasri that it is so. Where can we get such darsan? They take happiness from Murti and give happiness to all. All get darsan of that miraculous divine Murti. This time Maharaj has much mercy on us. You have satisfied us during this visit. Bapasri said, “Lalubhai! Nobody can gauge mercy of Maharaj. The sea of nectar has been poured, come someone, come someone! The Master does not consider virtues or vices. This time Maharaj has started charity in the form of liberation.”

At night some devotees left as the time was over but some devotees who were sitting began to do attend Bapasri. Bapasri said to Swami Vrndavandasji and Isvarcharanadasji, “My body is not feeling good nowadays. At the place of Mahadevbhai, there was a programme of his daughter’s engagement. On the occasion, he took me there by emotional prayer but now I feel tired. The devotees of this place are very affectionate so when I went to Mahadevbhai’s house all devotees invited me to their houses and took me to their houses. There, devotees would sing devotional songs, would light lamps of ghee before idol of Ṭhakorji, would burn incense stick, would offer prasad of dry fruit, etc. to Ṭhakorji and distribute it to devotees, arati would take place, would bring children and put them in my lap, would say to give oath of vartaman, etc. I was very much pleased, seeing their love. The mercy of Maharaj on the satsang of this place, is very much otherwise I do not think they would be such strongly devoted. They had much love; but Asabhai, Motibhai, Khimjibhai, etc. would accompany me but would never say that I (Bapasri) was tired. On the contrary, they would say Bapa! You must go so that devotees would be pleased. Such were my companions.” Asabhai said, “Bapa! All are eager so we say like that. Swami Vrndavandasji said, “Bapa! You do not care for tiredness or hunger after coming here this time. You just think how to please all.” Bapasri said, “This is all in avarbhav (in view from the perspective of this world). In the divine perspective (parbhav) there is only Murti. Infinite muktas are with that Murti. Maharaj gives various kinds of happiness and muktas enjoy that happiness. There neither hunger nor tiredness– there is only glee. The thirst for this happiness is not quenched even though thousands of kalpas may pass. Such rare happiness has been made easily available by Maharaj during this time. Wherever we go, we see only Murti in the throne but do not see there any house, without Murti. Children would have darsan moving arouand, and take food after offering it to Ṭhakorji, sing arati, say Jay Swaminarayana, Jay Swaminarayana, wake up Ṭhakorji, make Him sleep- such tradition has been started by Sriji Maharaj. All houses have been made the form of Aksardham. When we pass through streets, children of devotees and some other seekers (mumuksus) crowded the road. All are eager to make me please. Some stand with folded hands, some touch feet, some pray, some request humbly and all wish that I may be pleased with them. I also feel that Maharaj keep all in Murti and make them happy.” Then Bapasri requested saints to show mercy on all. Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! Sankalpas of all are with your sankalpas. Since you are pleased, their fortune cannot be described.” Bapasri said, “At this time Maharaj does not think whether he is worthy or unworthy. This time Maharaj liberates all without any discrimination of a jiva’s worthiness. The one who comes under the sight will be fulfilled. But jiva is entangled in new tradition and maya and that greediness is not leaving it. Maharaj and muktas have made sankalpa that nobody is left out. All are to be kept in Murti. Just see! How powerful this Kunjavihari Harikrsna Maharaj shines! At this place, the water of sea used to come. Now that place has become as equal as Aksardham. This is all because of grace of Maharaj and great saints like you.”

Looking at devotees who were rendering service there, Bapasri asked, “Will it be a guilt on the part of you all who render services here?” Somchandbhai said, “Bapa! The guilt of infinite births will be done away with by this service.” Then devotees who were rendering service viz. Govindbhai, Gordhanbhai, Vallabhdasbhai, Mavjibhai, Ḍosabhai, Laljibhai, etc. said to Bapasri, “This service is very rare but because of your mercy, we have got it.” Bapasri said, “We have got Maharaj who is giver of everything (Nyalkarana). What else do His muktas do?They do the same. Whomsoever they meet, make them happy in the happiness of Maharaj. Maharaj says that He has brought unlimited warships. Those muktas of Maharaj put innumerable jivas in Murti so Maharaj gives them limitless joy. This is all the divine associates of Sriji Maharaj. They assure safety to jiva. Just see! How affectionate mukta like Lalubhai is! He is very humble. Hirabhai, Sanwaldasbhai are also like him. Others small or big are all like them. They all know how to please Maharaj. If one feels that, the whole satsang is divine and behaves as the servant of all. In no time, he will be happy- such is this association. Some are entrapped in honour, taste, etc. even though there is such association. We should not stop anywhere else excepting Murti. While Bapasri was resting and talking thus, Swami Vrndavandasji said, “Bapa! It is very late and you may be tired today; so have some rest,” Bapasri said, “I have always rest, the thirst for the happiness of Murti is never quenched. I do not feel hungry or tired because of the mercy of saints like you.” Swami said, “Bapa! You have come to give happiness, so you are making all happy. We are also benefited because you came here and took us with you.” Bapasri said,‘Bada badai na kahe bada na bole bol, hira mukhse na kahe lakh amara mol’ (the great person will not boast of his greatness, the diamond will not tell its value from its mouth). Thus, I know your talks. Our Guru Swami Nirgundasji used to say the dwelling place is small and the saint is big- it has happened like this at this time. All are happy by the grace of Maharaj. The whole satsang is divine and the city of Karachi has become Aksardham at this time. This is all because of Sriji Maharaj’s grace.” All were blessed to enjoy in the happiness of Murti in the same way. || 69 ||