On the morning of Fagan Vad 11th, the 2nd Vachanamrut of the Last Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that if direct (pratyaksha) is believed as indirect (paroksha), everything is achieved. Bapashri said, “The importance of direct is not seen as that of indirect. Therefore ancient seers are believed and Muktas of today are not believed. In Gadhada Anandanand Brahmchari said that wool, milk, water of banana, mrugcharma (skin of dear) all have been said as holy by ancient seers and this is believed whereas when I, who is Mukta of Shri Purushottamnarayan himself, say that water of Ghela river is holier than milk, cotton is holier than mrugcharma or wool, no body believes it because the importance of direct is not known. There was a devotee name Amrutbai in Bhuj. She used to live on musk-melon for four months, on galka (kind of vegetable) for four months, on lady’s finger for four months- in this way she continued for fifteen years. Such was her renunciation. Similarly she was strict follower of religion for example some one’s shadow touches her or thread touches her she would bathe in Hamisar even in winter. She would take buttermilk from celibate- that also was taken after getting Brahmin’s son to bathe and made him carry and on the way she would sprinkle water. Once celibate sent me (Bapashri) to give buttermilk to that old lady but she did not accept because the celibate sent it through a Kanbi. Therefore, I brought back that buttermilk and returned it to celibate and in turn he gave it to a son of Modh Brahmin who was nude and playing with dogs. The celibate made him bathe and sent buttermilk with him to her and then she drank it. Shriji Maharaj got the buttermilk of kansara goldsmith through blacksmith and made her drink that buttermilk. This was all in dream. Then He said, “You did not accept the buttermilk sent to you by My Mukta- then whose was this which you drank and who brought it?” Then she repented much. On the next day she asked me to bring the buttermilk and said, “You are yourself Anadi Mukta. I did not recognise you and made a doubt knowing you as Kanbi, so Shriji Maharaj punished me in my dream last night.” Therefore, rituals must be observed but should also know occasion and Mukta- should know who the giver is. Visible Mukta should be trusted more than the indirect but it is not believed. When carpenter Sunderjibhai of Bhuj left his body, Shriji Maharaj went to take out a shawl from the wardrobe. His wife said, “Maharaj! Since you have touched your devotee’s body please do not touch the wardrobe.” Then Maharaj said, “Sorry I have forgotten that.” Then Maharaj made some one take out the shawl and devotee was cremated. When Maharaj gave darshan of His divine luminescence along with His infinite Muktas, she knew His greatness and said, “Oh Maharaj! You are divine but I forgot Your divinity and developed human feeling for You.” Then Maharaj said, “You kept Me in your home treating Me as God and did much service but when the occasion came you had forgotten Me.” Therefore one should always keep divine feelings and it should be made firm. If it is not understood that and if human feeling is developed means it is atheism. Muktas have nothing like caste-creed (Varna and ashram- four divisions according to the philosophy of Hindu religion). He (Bapashri) is the form of Shriji Maharaj and he is seen in the form of Mukta by the volition of Shriji Maharaj. Shriji Maharaj gives happiness and darshan to all satsang through the medium of Muktas, accepts service and talks. Therefore, one should understand Muktas as divine as Shriji Maharaj and should not allow the human feelings. || 76 ||