On the afternoon of Fagan Vad 10th, Swami Vrundavandasji asked the question the assembly, “When is he said to be Ekantik?” Bapashri replied, “when the devotee conquers all his senses and controls them and on the path of objects and spiritual powers, he ignores them (becomes deaf, lame, disabled and does not tread on that path and wins all enemies) and does not wish Akshar, etc or supernatural power except Maharaj’s Murti and does not get attached to luminescence of Shriji’s Murti which is Akshardham, wishes only Murti and becomes empty like a box, he is said to have achieved four means viz. darshan, knowledge, renunciation and devotion and he called Ekantik. The one who has realized Shriji Maharaj’s Murti in his soul, is said to be Param Ekantik. The one, who remains immersed in Murti like sugar in milk, is called Anadi and that Anadi is said to be ultimate state.” The discourses came to an end. Mangoes were offered to Shri Thakorji and this offering was distributed among saints. When he sat saint said that they were guests. Bapashri said, “We are relatives, and will not live separately. We all are Muktas of same path and will dwell together in Shriji Maharaj’s Murti and those who are on the different path will remain in satsang. Those who identified cause (Murti) should be known as treading on the same path and those who did not identify cause (Murti) i.e. Maharaj and Muktas should be known as treading on different path.” || 75 ||