On the morning of Kartak Vad 10th, Bapasri after taking bath and performing puja met all the saints with his upper body uncovered. Then he wore his clothes and came to his seat. Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! This Devrajbhai has properly understood your divine feeling; therefore, please assure salvation for all together including Devrajbhai.” Then Bapasri kept hands of all together and kept his own hand below them and other hand above their hands, and thus gave them assurance. Then Swami asked to bring water. Bapasri said, “You are mistaken. Is water preferable or this one?” Then Swami said, “I ask it for remembrance.” Then Bapasri said, “O.K. Then bring it.” Then Bapasri took water and blessed all saying, “I will keep all together with me thus.” Then the saints took the names of saints and devotees who had love and liking; and requested Bapasri to keep with him. Bapasri said, “All right.” At that time, Khimjibhai came and Bapasri blessed him in the same way. Then Bapasri told him, “I have blessed you but preserve it and associate with such saints. Now saints have got ready to leave for their place in Gujarat region.”

Then two saints of Bhuj came. They were also blessed in the same way. Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji and other saints came after offering meals to Ṭhakorji. Bapasri said, “Swami! Have your carts come?” He replied, “No, they have not come. If you allow us to stay by your mercy, we will stay.” Bapasri said, “No. You have stayed for long and have satisfied me much. Your nature is such that you satisfy all.” Saying so, Bapasri said to Devrajbhai, “You have recognised the saints, so you are fulfilled. You cannot find such saints anywhere. All are saints, but the work, which can be done by these saints, cannot be done by others. This saint may not be found doing the work of festival, samaiya, building temples, etc., but the work, which these saints do cannot be done by anyone. To get you engrossed in Murti, can be done by such saints. Darsan and touch of these saints make it possible to get fulfilled. If the wind, which has touched such saints, falls on anyone, he will be benefited. Such capable these saints are. Therefore, get associated with such saints so that you can go to Aksardham directly. These saints are idols of Brahma. Who is called a saint? The one who gives peace. This saint is like gaumukhi Ganga. From this gaumukhi happiness of Maharaj comes. They should be associated by knowing their greatness. They are like movable places of pilgrimage.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji requested Bapasri to take them to Vrspur with him. Bapasri refused and said, “You have stayed for long. Even saints and Asabhai should also go with you.” Swami said, “Bapa! You are showing fever so I do not like to go leaving you in this condition.” Bapasri said, “Now fever will not be there,” Swami said, “When we come next for your darsan do not keep fever or any kind of illness.” Bapasri said, “Do not worry. Illness will go away.” Then the saints prayed to Bapasri and requested him to keep them with him. Bapasri said, “I will always remain with you.” At that time Asabhai said, “Bapa! Please take your meals.” Bapasri said, “I shall have meals after giving you a send off.” Swami said, “There is much time for our carts to come. Our departure will take place after you finish your meals.” After sometime, Bapasri came back after having meals. Then all the saints came, prostrated before him and sat in the carts. Bapasri said to Swami Isvarcharanadasji, “If you are going to stay at Bhuj tomorrow, I shall come to Bhuj, and if you start from Bhuj tomorrow itself, I shall give you send off till the culvert on our way.” Then the saints said, “Bapa! Please do not come, but please do remain with us along with Maharaj.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji asked, “Can we get printed your talks which have been written?” Bapasri said, “You got this Vachanamrt printed and many mumuksus have been benefited by reading it. Therefore, get this printed so that infinite jivas will get ultimate liberation. Sadguru Sri Nirgundasji Swami was my lifeline. All of you who are his disciples should stay together. If anybody leaves, it is his lookout. If anyone calls you here, please come gladly. Because of your visit, saints and devotees are benefited so they are very much pleased. Then when you come again, they will get more benefit. Devjibhai, are you benefited or not?” He replied, “Yes Bapasri. I have got much benefit. If they come again, much benefit will be had.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “He has got much happiness because of your grace.” Bapasri said, “You have given much happiness with your talks during this visit. If anybody performs yajna, you will definitely be called for. Do come then. You are real saints. So, devotees will take you to Bhuj and in villages. Please stay for long at my place. My sons will grow millet and we shall offer it to Ṭhakorji and will take happiness of Maharaj by staying together and will give it to whosoever wants it. During this visit, you have shown much mercy and many have got happiness. Now perform brahmayajna at the place where you go. Flow the joy of Murti. I shall always stay together with you and wherever you go, know that I am with you.” Swami told Bapasri, “Ghelabhai had told me in Bhuj that he wants to arrange parayana, provided Bapasri comes. I have been requested by him to tell you and make his sankalpa true by showing your mercy.” Bapasri said, “Tell him at Bhuj that yours will be made true, but he is far-sighted, so if he goes on thinking, the programme may not be materialised.” In the meanwhile horse-carriage of Bapasri and carts of saints came. Bapasri asked to get him up so Asabhai went to hold his hand. He was refused. Bapasri said, “These two bavas should make me board the carriage.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji and saint Muktavallabhdasji held arms of Bapasri and made him board the carriage. Bapasri sat in the carriage and recited a kirtan of separation ‘Aj sohagan hun randani bhar dariye vahan bhangyun re’ (I have become a widow at very young age). Swami said, “Bapa! We do not want to leave. If you please allow, we will stay.” Bapasri said, “Tendency of all is to go for Gujarat and Zalawad so you cannot be kept away from them. Therefore, you, Asabhai and all go.” Then Harjibhai drew the carriage and all the saints came to the square along the road. Bapasri got the carriage stopped under a banyan tree towards Vrspur. He told Motibhai to call saints there. He called Swami. Then all the saints and devotees prostrated before Bapasri. Then also, Bapasri recited the aforesaid kirtan. Then also, Swami Isvarcharanadasji told Bapasri that they were unwilling to go, and if they were permitted, they would stay. Bapasri did not permit them and told them that he was always with them. Then Swami said that they all wanted a promise from Bapasri, and ask if he would show his favour. Bapasri said ‘Yes’. Then Swami said, “We all remember this body, so shower your grace on us so that the body does not come in our remembrance and we remember Murti only and see Murti constantly.” Bapasri was pleased, and put his hands on his head and blessed that it would be so henceforth. Then Bapasri came to Vrspur and all the saints went to Bhuj. Swami informed Ghelabhai that Bapasri had consented for the parayana. Ghelabhai was very much pleased. The saints went to Gujarat. || 16||