On the night of Vaishkh Vad 9th saint Narayandasji asked, “Why were we not told by Anadi Mahamukta Swami Shri Nirgundasji, that Shriji Maharaj’s luminous Akshardham which is above Mul-Akshar is different?” Bapashri replied, “Swami used to dwell in Murti and whenever we met together he would talk such thing. Swamishri and I are together in Murti and give darshan here though dwelling in Murti. Nothing was unknown to him but there were some who would cause disturbance to him. They would not allow to say that Maharaj is above Shri Krushna. Above that there is Mahakal, above Mahakal there is Narnarayan, above Narnarayan there is Vasudevbrahm, above Vasudevbrahm there are muktas of Mul-Akshar, above them there are Mul-Akshars, above them there are Ekantik of Shriji Maharaj , above them there are Param Ekantik, above them there are Anadi Muktas and above all of them there is Shriji Maharaj. How can all this be told suddenly? There will be much difficulty in saying so, that is why it was not told. We were told “Bavo mota ne madhi nani” (the dwelling place is small and the inhabitant is huge). How can he adjust himself in that dwelling place? Similarly, souls are small and greatness of Maharaj is very big. How can jiva understand this? Whom to say all this? It is kept in mind but not told to any one what it is. We consider Shriji Maharaj above Mul-Purush (i.e. Shri Krushna) and in saying that much the trouble arises, means Swami should not be allowed to talk and if he says Maharaj is above Shri Krushna, he should be driven away. Once resolution was passed to that effect. But Shriji Maharaj Himself gave His darshan at night to Shri Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj and said, “I have sent Nirgundasasji Swami for the salvation of souls and to explain My greatness and upasana. He is Anadi Mukta dwelling in My Murti and as per My wish he is seen, though he dwells in My Murti; such is his power. Therefore, do not force him to leave this place. In case if you allow him to go, the glory of your place will perish because he is like an ornament for you. We ordered Gopalanand Swami to come to this place but you refused him to come so he was not coming and moreover if Swami Nirgundasji leaves this place, who will be there to promote My upasana? Therefore, keep him here in this place. Whatever he talked believe him to be true and do not allow any one to insult him. If you obey My order, I will be pleased. Swami Nirgundasji gives darshan according to My wish otherwise he is an independent Mukta. In case he leaves, My upasana will not be promoted. Therefore, do not force him to go.” Saying thus Shriji Maharaj became invisible. In the morning Shri Ayodhyaprasadji Maharaj sent for Swamishri and requested, “Please do not leave from here. If any one harms you, I will not allow him to do so. Go on talking about the greatness of Shriji Maharaj happily.” So Swamishri did not leave. So great saints asked Acharyaji Maharaj why he did not force him to leave. Thus the discussion took place. On that day there was prasad of gheber (a kind of sweet preparation) from a devotee. The line for all saints and devotees was arranged under the pandal in square for dinner. The square was decorated with rangoli. But Maharajshri did not get up to serve the meal. He put the condition that if Nirgundasji Swami is allowed to stay here, he will get up to serve the meal. All saints agreed. Maharajshri said, “Shriji Maharaj gave me darshan and ordered that Swamishri should not be forced to go. He has been sent by Him and further said that do not allow any one to insult him. Therefore, none of you should insult him. Believe his talk as true.” When Maharajshri said thus, all agreed and said humbly alright. Then Maharajshri came to serve the meal. This sort of trouble was frequent hence he did not tell. But do not think that he did not know. Swamishri knew everything but did not tell with a view to preventing trouble. Understand this today but do not doubt. In spite of this opportunity, if you do not understand, you will be nowhere. There is every thing in Vachanamrut.” After the talk was over he gave salutation by saying ‘Sahajanand Swami Maharajni jai’ and gave the boon ‘let maya be on the wane from this assembly.’ || 19 ||