On the morning of Chaitra Sud 3rd, the 20th Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that the one who becomes introvert by realising God’s greatness (power), he sees himself very much luminescence. In the middle of that luminescence he sees Murti of Lord Purushottam Himself. He becomes blissful like Narad, Sanak, etc. – means like Muktas. Then Bapashri said, “Just as if there is idol/ Murti in the temple, it is called a temple and without it, it is not a temple. Similarly the one who realizes Murti in his soul, he is a perfect (first rank) saint and the one who sees Murti in his heart is called medium quality (second rank) saint, and the one who has constant memory is called the kanishatha (third rank) saint. Moreover, all the three obey commands properly but if they do not have constant memory they are called ordinary saints and if they make changes (follow it according to their own interpretation) in commands they can not be called Swaminarayan’s saint. Therefore by the attire of saint one can not be called a saint and by mere attire of a satsangi one can not be called satsangi. Just as Vaghari girl marries a king and she knows that her husband is a king therefore she would not like the food got from begging and she would give up her characteristics of Vaghri community. Similarly the one who firmly believes that his master is Shriji Maharaj and he has met Muktas in divine human body, having such firm belief he would give up faults like lust, anger, honour, taste, etc and joins his vrutti in Shriji Maharaj and does not keep attachment anywhere else except in Murti and keeps deep love for Maharaj and His Muktas and does not love sensual objects and spiritual powers, will become blissful. || 86 ||