On the day of Fagana Vad 9th, when Bapasri was performing puja on the upper storey of temple, Maganbhai brought a garland. Then he requested Swami Isvarcharanadasji and Swami Vrndavandasji, etc. saints to perform puja of Bapasri. Then group of saints applied sandalwood paste to Bapasri and garlanded him. The devotees also one by one performed puja of Bapasri and saints with sandalwood paste and garlands. Then Bapasri said, “Swami! This sandalwood paste is being applied in Aksardham. This sandalwood paste and flowers are all divine. Luminescence emits like jet from Murti. Innumerable great muktas are engrossed in that Murti. It is seen thus in the view from the perspective of this world but in the view from divine perspective it is divine luminous. If this talk is understood, hurdles will be over.” Then after cleaning hands having sandalwood paste, he told both Sadgurus and Purani, etc. saints, “That today parayana will be over so let us go to the assembly.” Saying so he also came to the assembly after having darsan of Ṭhakorji. The assembly pandal was full with devotees and saints. When puja of the Purani was performed with sandalwood paste, flower, Haribhai said to Bapasri, “Bapa! All devotees are very much pleased because you showed mercy and explained divine perspective (parbhav) of Vachanamrt and the meaning through the medium of Rahasyartha Pradipika Ṭika so that all could understand and they say that Bapasri has obliged us much. Who can explain the spiritual knowledge of Vachanamrt in an easy way?” Bapasri said, “This is all because of mercy of Sriji Maharaj. Such types of works are done by His sankalpas. We are only instruments. We should consider Sriji Maharaj as the doer so whatever is to be understood is understood. Then Vachanamrt was begun to be read in katha. All devotees were listening attentively. When katha came to end Hirabhai and Haribhai brought baskets filled with offerings for Ṭhakorji because it was a parayana of both these devotees. The devotees brought the baskets, dancing and singing devotional songs. Both Sadgurus were applied with sandalwood paste and garlanded. All devotees prayed to Sadgurus, Purani Hariprasaddasji, Purani Dharmakisordasji, etc. saints. It would be better if puja of Bapasri is also performed along with the orators of Vachanamrt parayana because Bapasri is the author of Rahasyartha Pradipika Tika. All saints liked this prayer. Then both Sadgurus requested Bapasri to sit on the dais so that all saints and devotees could perform his puja with sandalwood paste and garland because he was the author of Rahasyartha Pradipika Ṭika. At first Bapasri said that his puja was already performed in the puja of Maharaj and saints. But request of Swami Vrndavandasji and Swami Isvarcharanadasji was so emotional that Bapasri sat on the dais under the pandal to please them. Then one by one, all saints and devotees performed his puja. Saints were offered cloth, devotees brought baskets of offering for Ṭhakorji in the festival mood and the musical instruments were already being played. The temple was overcrowded with devotees. Then arati was performed by Hirabhai, Haribhai, Sanwaldasbhai, Harilal, Kundan, etc. At that time, Bapasri was sitting in trance. His forehead was fully covered with sandalwood paste and kumkum and lots of garlands were around his neck. All those garlands were removed and they were garlanded to devotees. Then Bapasri came to his seat in the assembly under the pandal. All devotees were constantly looking at Bapasri. Then Bapasri and all devotees performed puja of saints, gave cloth and Hirabhai and Haribhai tied turban on the head of Bapasri and other devotees also did the same. When the ritual of parayana was over, kirtans were sung. Then Bapasri came to his room to feed Ṭhakorji. There a lady named Jethibai was affected by ghost. On seeing Bapasri, that lady started shaking her body violently so there was commotion, women folk forcibly caught hold of that lady. Bapasri said to start dhoon of Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana and ask who she was. Women folk asked her and she gave the name of some woman who had not paid her labour charges for the work she had done for one and a half day. The ghost had affected her for the money. Then Bapasri asked her if she wanted money but she refused and said that she has become such because of the passion for money. You are a great man and do good of me because I am very unhappy. At that time, Bapasri asked to bring water and it was thrown on the lady and told her to go to Badrikasram. As soon as Bapasri said thus, that ghost came out of the body of that lady. Then Bapasri told the group of women which had assembled there to do worship God and obey commands of Maharaj sincerely. Bapasri said, “The one who has attraction of this world, will face the same problem.” At that time, the woman made someone to bring a coconut and sugar, put them before Bapasri and said that she had been relieved from the misery by his mercy. She further said that her misery would not have been over till her death. Bapasri got the coconut put at the feet of Ṭhakorji and sugar was offered to Maharaj and that offering was given to that lady and asked her to take one piece of sugar everyday till it lasts and keep firm faith in Maharaj. Saying so Bapasri came to his seat after feeding Ṭhakorji. There he talked to both Sadgurus etc. saints about ghost and said that ghost in the form of maya has affected jiva. It is driven out by the power of divine assembly but one should show the need of it. This assembly does the work of removing the cycle of death and birth. Bapasri got it confirmed from Swami by asking him if it was not his work. Maharaj has made a sankalpa of burning sins of innumerable births so that jiva is liberated. Otherwise, who can forgive guilts of infinite births! This is only because of Maharaj and His muktas who show much pity. Jiva is taken out of maya by going round every house but jiva is much affected by maya so do not believe. It even hesitates in calling that Maharaj is supreme. To liberate jiva, great muktas showing their pity, wrote scriptures and explained divinity and supremacy of Maharaj in it. The difference between incarnation and the one who gives incarnation is explained and also greatness of great muktas. What to say about Maharaj, muktas, and where is the place of incarnations! Even then some, describe Maharaj and incarnation as equal. Formerly Anadi Maha Muktaraj Sadguru Gopalanand Swami and Sadguru Gunatitanand Swami who were very powerful saints used to tell about the supremacy of Maharaj, so they faced opposition. At that time, many did not believe them and now they carry on shoulder the book of their talks and earn their livelihood. Therefore, one should ponder on the principle written in those divine scriptures by such muktas. One cannot understand it in ordinary satsang. Saying so he said, when can scriptures be said to be understood? It is said to be understood when the scripture in which the description of Murti and His lila- charitra is described and one has love only for it and determination for it- but such love and determination is not there on paroksa (not manifest on earth) scriptures and one behaves accordingly. Moreover Satpurusa is also the worshipper (upasak) of Sriji Maharaj and he likes the association of such who has love for Sriji Maharaj. In the opinion of others he may be called great but he has no love or determination for other incarnation, if he has such understanding, he is said to have known Satpurusa. Similarly, it is to be understood and determined according to his sect which describes the form of soul and does not have love and determination on its form described by paroksa (other than Swaminarayana) scriptures- then only the soul is said to be understood as true. Similarly, when can it be said God is known as true? It is said to be understood when in his sect great Anadi muktas explain the difference between incarnation and the one who gives incarnation, there should be supremacy of Sriji Maharaj, which one believes without doubt and understands as it is to be understood, from the scriptures of his sect and by listening to Satpurusa the form of Purusottam and he has the love and determination for Him but there is no such love in understanding it from paroksa (other than Swaminarayana) scriptures- then only God is said to be understood as true. One should not be led away by seeing the work, but should stick to cause. Such is the principle of great muktas. The work, i.e., temple, big buildings, elephants, horses, chariots, palanquins, gardens, ornaments, which are the decoration of satsang but its cause is Sriji Maharaj Himself and everything is on account of Him.” || 70 ||