On Fagana Vad 12th Bapasri after performing his daily routine met saints and devotees and greeted them with Jay Swaminarayana and sat on his seat. Then Swami Isvarcharanadasji brought sandalwood paste for applying to Bapasri. Bapasri applied sandalwood paste on the forehead of Swamis Isvarcharanadasji and took away from him utensil containing sandalwood paste. Then he applied it to Swami Vrndavandasji and told saints to come near so that the puja could be done. Saying so, he applied paste to saints and said, “This puja is being performed in Aksardham. In every Muni there are groups of Munis. This assembly is divine luminous. Let nobody be left out. This occasion is rare.” Then he recited a devotional song. ‘Jene joie te avo moksa magva, aj dharmavansine dwar’ (whoever wants liberation, come, come, today to Sriji Maharaj). After reciting song while applying paste he said let nobody be left out. Where will come such muktas from? At that time a saint who had gone for darsan of Ṭhakorji came. Bapasri applied paste on his forehead and said that he is the head of a group of saints. Then Bapasri asked, “Is a saint or God the head of the group of saints?” Then Swami Vrndavandasji replied that Maharaj is the head. There are many groups of muktas. Bapasri said to Swami, “Do you know the cause? Cause of all is Sri Hari. Cause is only Maharaj. Everything else is activity. ‘Saune vas karun re sauno karan hun bhagvan’ (I attract all and I am God, cause of all). Maharaj is such supreme. Therefore, one should not stop anywhere, excepting Sriji Maharaj. Such talks are being done in this assembly. At other places, some may do this and some may do that. Some may do business. Some may talk which is nonsense. Bapasri wanted to get it confirmed from Mahadevbhai. Mahadevbhai agreed with Bapasri and requested him to show his mercy so that nothing can become an obstacle. He further requested Bapasri to keep all with him like thus. Bapasri said all right. Then Parsad Kuber Bhakta, after performing puja, came for darsan. Looking at him Swami Isvarcharanadasji told Bapasri, “That devotee performs our seva nicely. Bapasri agreed and said that he knew about his seva and added that Maharaj likes seva-bhakti. Since jiva does not have divine feeling so it cannot bear wear and tear of body, so there is lethargy in seva. Then again he said that such benefit and such achievement is there, forgetting it, no one should keep the nature like Rahu-Ketu. Some who are like Rahu-Ketu may be in satsang. First of all they mingle with all and then they reveal their nature. This nature gives misery to jiva.” Saying so, the example of Ahiravana and Mahiravana was given. Then reference was given of Laksmanaji who sat for a while on Ravana’s throne, soon his intellect changed and asked, “Whose drum is being played? Whose army is it? Call our army and drive away their army.” Thus, it happened because of sitting on the throne without understanding. When he came to his senses he repented very much. Similarly, when one is caught hold by nature, anything may be spoken and nature like Rahu- Ketu may enter and change the sense and loose all happiness. A jiva is such crooked. Therefore, be cautious. If one has divine feeling of this assembly nothing can harm him. Just see! After waking up, all were blessed by putting hand on everybody’s head eight times- it is not a small thing. If such benefit is understood, it is more than enough. Maharaj has formed groups of saints for the purpose of katha-varta and who move about place to place. If such state is not there and one believes himself to be the king- Swami Sadguru Nirgundasji used to say thus, “I am the servant of that Swami.” Then Swamisri asked about the letter of Manilalbhai in connection with installation of charanarvind. Then Bapasri said that they would have to go there. Then Bapasri touched the chest of a saint and said that if permitted, charanarvind be installed there. This is like remains of crop for seekers and for realised one it is the treasure in the form of Murti. Our firm principle is to install it in our heart. In Murti there are infinite engrossed muktas and their forms are all divine Murti. Infinite muktas are with Maharaj means charanarvind are as many as there are Murti. If one wanders keeping aside Maharaj, he will not get this benefit. Elsewhere ritual is more and work is more. Just see! How big Vairatnarayan is! How long his day, year and month are! And how much work is also there! There is no end to it. This is talk of divine perspective. In this world, some people without understanding say oh! The Master of three cosmoses. Which are those three cosmoses? The turban which has been tied is different from three cosmoses. It is a talk of divine perspective. In it ekantik, param ekantik and Anadi are above Aksarkoti. But those, who have view from the perspective of this world (avarbhav) do not understand. Maharaj’s turban is different, His way is different, Murti is different, grace is different- if this is understood, there will not rise any sankalpa excepting the sankalpa of Murti’s happiness. Maharaj fulfils various kinds of happiness which one wishes but thirst is never satisfied.” Saying so, Bapasri looking at the saints jokingly said, “My talks are like this. Day and night, I deal in Murti. If such talk is not understood and nature like Rahu-Ketu is not given up, it would make us angry and may say anything.” Saying so, Bapasri said that a saint asked me a question at Kali Talavadi, “What happens if some desire remains in this place?” I (Bapasri) said, “What is wrong if desire remains in it?” Saint has said this including myself in it. He understood contradictorily even then I do not take it seriously. He is also fed by me, liberate him also, such is my skill.” Then Asabhai came and he was praised by Bapasri and said that he served him much. He does not care for sleep or tiredness. One who has understood importance of greatness will not find difficult to bear the suffering of body.” || 87 ||