Bapasri showing his favour talked. He said, “We should understand everything in divine feeling. We have met great Anadi muktas who push us in Aksardham- such is their capacity. They break our shackles of maya and pierce our samyavastha and takes, us to Aksardham- here are such Anadi muktas. This entire assembly is divine. The food, which we take, is also divine and we should think that since jiva met muktas so they have become common, easily approachable for us. Had they been paroksa (not manifested on the earth), they would have become rare. If one repeats the name of the same thing, he will be considered mad in this world and if he gives names of many things, he will be considered wise. Similarly, he gives example of this world and heavenly world– principle, example of incarnation and the one who gives incarnation-principle, etc. and standardises them additionally- that path is very long. Without understanding this, it is like wasting the whole day and defamed Maharaj, abode and muktas. Sriji Maharaj and muktas have paved the direct path. If this real thing goes deep in jiva, one would become mad but he is not becoming mad so there is that much defect in determination and shortcoming in faith. We have got the bliss of transcendental (vyatirek) Murti of Maharaj. Nothing can be fulfilled by means. Therefore, one should keep love for muktas, as the fish loves water. Those who are beloved of Sriji Maharaj keep Murti with them in all three states but one who does not have understanding of greatness doubt their existence. This is not an ordinary talk. Great muktas talk and give happiness sitting with us. It gives nourishment to jiva. They give luminescence, power and happiness but it is not understood thus without association. ‘Rasbas hoi rahi rasiya sang jyun misri pay mahin bhali’ like that, we should remain engrossed with Maharaj and muktas so that we can achieve true ultimate liberation. We have got the real treasure and real captain of the ship. They fill the warship with jivas and take them to Aksardham- the talk was given on warship. Such ten thousands of warships are filled with jivas by Maharaj and great Anadi muktas and take them to Aksardham- it is not that they liberate one or two jivas but all those on whom their sight falls are liberated. Therefore, matured determination is required. One may fall and die in the sea, in the well, get burnt in fire, accidental death by lightening but those who have met muktas will doubtlessly get ultimate liberation. If one has atmabuddhi (inner faith or oneness as one has with one’s body) in great Anadi and if he is not liberated, muktas will be responsible. A ghost is seen everywhere so why muktas and Murti can not be seen everywhere? If the greatness of Murti is thoroughly understood, this world will become trivial. Therefore, one should keep intoxication of this talk and believe that salvation is achieved. How much importance is there in taking bath in this pilgrimage? All bathed with full faith in bliss of Murti, then what remains to be done! Infinite killings of Brahmanas, five great sins were all destroyed. There after if one considers himself as a sinner, it is called having no faith. If there is faith, sins of infinite births will be burnt- no doubt about it. If such thing is not understood and talks about past, present and future and shows miracles, supernatural powers so what! That is all hurdles without Murti. Therefore, we should be attracted to Murti and should develop firm love with those who dwell in Murti.” || 66 ||