On the day of Jeth Sud 4th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in the assembly. He said, “It has been written that we should not see the face of one who betrays guru. What is the meaning of this?” Bapashri said, “The servant should act according to his dharma. Then Bapashri asked Becharbhai whose meditation was he doing- of inanimate, of soul, or of God?” He said that he was meditating on God. Bapashri asked, “What should be called ‘Anatma‘ (which is not soul)?” Then Swami Ishwarcharandasji said, “Just as body is Anatma before Jiva. Similarly up to Akshar is Anatma before Shriji Maharaj. Bapashri said all right, Maharaj.

Becharbhai asked, “Which is that prayer which if we do is called a defect? And if we do not pray will it be called difference in knowing supreme being-God?” Bapashri said, “Does God not know it? ‘tanki jane manki jane, jane chitki chori, enki pase kya chhupaye, jinke hath me dori‘ (he knows every thing- in whose hand there is control of life). He who prays is called sakam (desirous of fruit). If we become worthy, happiness will come automatically. If we beg, it will happen like that of the old woman of Gadhada. She told Dadakhachar that she would give ‘chhana‘ (made from cow dung) provided she was given cow dung of whole Gadhada. If we ask for that thing from Mukta, it is not proper. The jeweller tests diamonds. Who can know the power of Akshardham, bliss of Murti and Muktas? While begging it is possible that we may beg half of what we want it. In begging, the fruit is achieved but that fruit is not there at all in Akshardham. He should not desire fruit. Muktas have told us we should even not ask for bliss/ happiness of Murti-not to ask for anything. If you forget this time when are you going to avoid mistake? Therefore what to ask for from God. A prince of a king wanted wooden cradle. He did not accept other golden cradle. When a wooden cradle was brought from a Vora shopkeeper, he started to play. We ask for wooden cradle and the golden will be left out, therefore do not ask for anything. We do not know what to ask for. Happiness of Maharaj is bountiful- who will take it? We should request with folded hands and become worthy but we should not beg. How Maharaj will be pleased should be found out and do those means, which may please Maharaj. To ask for happiness of Murti is also ‘sakam‘ (bearing fruits) which is that thing which we can beg from God. He has plenty of every thing. To ask for is a foolishness. What ever we ask for belongs to Prakruti. The happiness of Murti is bountiful..bountiful..bountiful! Who can find its bound? If we request with folded hands, He will make us happy, but do not beg. In begging, he may blame God. One who knows this is that human form and he does not give luminescence darshan, he is ‘chandal‘ (lowest caste person). Therefore, we should constantly look at Maharaj’s Murti so Maharaj will think that he is doing efforts so He will give darshan immediately. Maharaj and Muktas will be pleased if we put constantly efforts. When we beg assembly laughs, because is it that Maharaj does not know? I am telling you the perfect dictum. What is the value of a thing? We should do that act by which he pleased and beg for pleasure. When the bell for salvation rings, Mukta he spreads his cloth by saying ‘Narayan Hare’ even then he gets a little quantity but not more.

Shivlalbhai asked, “Can the matter of worldly affairs be asked or not?” Bapashri said, “We have to tell about our faults and pray. Muktas advise us not to beg for illusive thing- beg for divine thing and after becoming worthy we should beg. If you do not know what to beg and if you beg for divine thing, can you become worthy by it? ‘Sankalp’ (thoughts) go on inside and also called of Maharaj. Maharaj has also said that he gets happiness according to his capacity. Just as milk of lioness can be kept in golden vessel- in other vessel it will leak out. Then Bapashri told master Keshavlalbhai to prepare ‘Mani‘ (bread) and ask him if he know the meaning of ‘Mani‘. He said he did not know the meaning. Bapashri told him that this is the language of Musalman (Muslim). When his son is ill, he would say that if his son is cured he would offer as much Mani as the size of the sky to Pir (deity of Musalman-Muslim). || 232 ||