On the morning of Vaishakh Vad 10th Bapashri showing his favour, talked in the assembly. He said, “When Maharaj performed yagna in Dabhan, celibate Mulji and Muktanand Swami delayed Shriji Maharaj’s thal for four days. Then Shriji Maharaj asked, “For whom are you doing yagna? For the last four days I am not getting meals on time.” Therefore, we should not be the form of activity only. In all activities memory of Shriji Maharaj should be kept but no activity should be done forgetting Maharaj. Then ordered for reading of katha.

Then the 63rd Vachanamrut of first chapter was being read. In it, there was reference about determination. Bapashri said, “One calls Shriji Maharaj as supreme being but he does not know Him as such and he thinks whether he will be liberated or not. This means it is the thought of non-determination, in determination. Gajo Gadhavi who became Purnanand Swami renounce his saffron clothes because of his ego/honour and became a householder, even then he had firm determination for Shriji Maharaj. Therefore, at time of his death Brahmanand Swami and Muktanand Swami came to fetch him. He told them that he would not go with them; he would only go with Maharaj if he comes. Then both Swamis went back and Shriji Maharaj came and asked him to come. Then he said he would come provided Maharaj showed a miracle in the village. Then Maharaj gave darshan to the whole village and fetched him. He had matured determination, so when he became householder renouncing saffron clothes, he did not think, whether he would be liberated or not? This is the real determination.

There was Ramjibhai Thakker in village Dumali. In the month of Vaishakh in Samvat 1946, seven saints including Brahmanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, etc came to fetch him. He told them, “Please tell me, which command of Shikshapatri have I violated so that Maharaj has not come?” Then Muktas said that he had not violated commands of Shikshapatri. Then that devotee said that he would not go with them. Then Muktas told him that Shriji Maharaj would come to fetch him on the day of Ekadashi, on the fourth day from today. Saying so, they disappeared. Then on the day of Ekadashi Maharaj gave him darshan and asked him to come. He told his elder brother Pragjibhai and his mother that Maharaj had come to fetch him and he was leaving. Then his mother told him to tell Maharaj to take her instead of him. Then he said why should I lose this opportunity for you. Maharaj has come to liberate me from this body which is like hell and he wants me to make me happy and in the bliss of his Murti. So, why he should stay in this hell leaving aside that happiness. Then his mother told him to ask Maharaj when he would take her. He asked Maharaj and Maharaj said that his mother will be taken after two years from today and your elder brother after five years. Ramjibhakta told this to his mother and his elder brother and left his body. Maharaj fetched his mother and his elder brother accordingly. Thus, the person having matured determination is sure about his fate. Then the talks come to end. All saints went for offering thal. After some time came to dine and row for saint, dinner was made. Bapashri was having their darshan by prostrating before them. || 207 ||