In the morning of next day Bapasri came to the assembly after finishing his daily routine. He asked Swami, “What have you decided? Tell me what decision have you taken at night.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, Bapa! I am willing to stay as long as you wish. Other saints are still thinking but they will do as you please.” Bapasri said, “It seems to me that saints intend to go, so plan for going. It is not good that some stay and some go and thereby get separated. Swami! We should not see anything else excepting Murti. Maharaj has shown much favour by considering us as His- it is a great thing. It is not a ordinary thing that such Anadi muktas met. Is it possible to go to Aksardham to see them? Whereas this meeting is very easy, it is not a small matter. Swami, you are making many jivas happy in the happiness of Murti.” Swami Isvarcharanadasji said, “Bapa! This time you show much pleasure on us, so while meeting with love, feeding, praising, calling saints become very happy.” Bapasri said, “Swami! How can there be such opportunity often? This meeting was possible because I called you back from Bhuj. Had it been possible to stay here for two months, it would have been more beneficial for you as well for me, but it should be done according to wish of all.” Saying so, Bapasri went home. Then he came to the temple, after offering meals to Ṭhakorji. At that time saints were reading katha of Vachanamrt. They all were greeted with Jay Swaminarayana and were asked what they had decided about going. Swami said, Bapa! Since you are omniscient, you know everything so we will do as you command. We have not decided anything yet.” Bapasri said, “Swami Isvarcharanadasji says that he would stay but if other saints want to go, let them go because some saints are eager to go. I (Bapasri) feel that you should not go separately. If you are eager, all of you go together. It is not advisable to get separated. Start today late in the night and from Bhuj, go by train.” Saying so, Bapasri went home. Then in the afternoon Bapasri called devotees and arranged for bullock-cart. He told them that I was under the impression that saints are going to stay so you were not informed but now since they have decided to go take them to Bhuj by your bullock-cart.” Thus devotees were instructed.

Then again in the evening, Swami Isvarcharanadasji requested Bapasri to let him stay back. Bapasri said, “This time I was not going to allow you to go back because how much benefit we get by staying together for two months. I constantly require katha-varta. If you are there, katha-varta will always continue. If you had stayed, we would have performed last yajna in peace. Recently very big yajna was performed, thousands of devotees and saints became happy in it but there was hubbub, of course the activities were also there. Whereas in this yajna the talks about only Murti would have taken place so there would have been much benefit, but since saints are with you and they think of going so all go together. We will always stay together in Murti. Had it been possible for staying up to the month of Ashadh, there would have been sattvik yajna but it is all Sriji Maharaj’s wish. Now get ready, bullock-carts have been arranged, so they will come at proper time. At that time do not be late and go directly to the station from here and have bath and perform puja there.” Then Swami told all saints about Bapasri’s wish, but since all had thought about going so nobody knew why Bapasri said all that mysteriously.

At night after two o’clock bullock-carts came. Saints were also getting ready. Bapasri woke up and came to the temple, had darsan of Ṭhakorji. All saints prostrated, Bapasri embraced them all. At that time saints requested Bapasri to keep his graceful sight on them. They added that even if they have not known his wish, he should remain pleased with them like thusbecause he is merciful. Bapasri said, “I am always pleased. We all will stay together in Murti- you also remain together. If we remain engrossed in Murti with divine feeling, we are always together. All of you remember this divine assembly thus.” While they were talking thus owners of the bullock-carts started making hurry. Bapasri also got ready to come for send off. Saints would do darsan of Bapasri, Bapasri also showed pleasure on saints and said, “Swami! Can this happiness be saturated? Though we may have darsan for lacs of years in this way, may talk, we will not be saturated.” Once again all prostrated and met. Bapasri told saints to start because it was getting late. Saying so, he himself sat in manchi and went ahead of bullock-carts. When they all came, out of the village all saints prostrated before Bapasri. Bapasri also showed his love, met all saints and said, “Swami! Now always stay together with divine feeling.” Thus, Bapasri said about his disappearance from this world in a veiled manner but nobody could understand his veiled expression. Swami Isvarcharanadasji very much wanted to stay, requested also but since he was asked to go with saints he could not say anything. While Sadgurus and saints were going on thus, Bapasri once again met them. Bapasri put his hand on their heads and blessed that they enjoy the happiness of Murti and asked them to remember this assembly with divine feeling. After commanding thus, saints were sent off and he himself came to temple. ||148 ||