On the day of Bhadarva Vad 8th, Bapashri, showing his favour, talked. He said, “Muktas who came with Shriji Maharaj took back their dogma/principle because Jiva was not worth of it so they could not propagate. Those cultured Jivas have come again today and they believe as true talk of Muktas. Presently the time, opportunity, place are very good. Shriji Maharaj who is God and such Muktas are nowhere in infinite cosmos-we are fortunate to meet them, but we are unable to take the benefit of them. It is just like mad man got wealth but he cannot enjoy it. Unless the greatness of Muktas is understood, there will not be happiness and there will not be faith.

The Pranjivanbhai of Shedla said, “If Maharaj is seen as we see all other objects of this world, Jiva will not forsake Maharaj.” Bapashri replied, “If some one says that a lot of treasure is buried at this place and if some one trusts, he will dig the place and will get the treasure.”

Then Amichandbhai of Malaniyad asked, “If there is no trust in digging how will he do?” Bapashri replied, “The faith is given by Maharaj and Muktas but there is no trust. There is heap of happiness but Jiva does not search it means it does not see in the heart. It does not examine how much it had grasped from these talks. When the talk goes on, he thinks that it is for some one else, but does not think it is meant for him. If it understands that it is for him, every fault of its will be destroyed and will get bliss of Murti. He calculates lacs of rupees of others and his condition is miserable but instead of realising his misery, he does not take it seriously. Every thing is wasted in madness. Just as five persons are in fault and when the judgement is given, it is told to one that he will be imprisoned, then all five know that it is for all. Similarly talk is given to one but all should think that it is for all and should not leave thinking that it is for others. The householder can remember Shriji Maharaj with love, rules of conduct like katha-varta, meditation, devotion, rosary, mental worship, etc can be preserved properly and means of achieving salvation can be done comfortably, that much efforts for livelihood should be done so that need of body is satisfied but should not be so much that one’s aim becomes only livelihood. It should be done according to the commands of Shriji Maharaj and Muktas. Moreover, any short of our nature, which may tend to be for the benefit of salvation, should be modified/transferred in the company of Muktas. Commands of Maharaj and Muktas should not be altered at all. One should know that whatever activities he does and thought is seen by Maharaj and Muktas. If I behave against the wishes or act contrary to the commands of Maharaj and Muktas, they will be displeased and my goal will be spoiled. One should insist to behave so that Maharaj and Muktas are pleased and he should constantly remain alert for that purpose. And rules of conduct given by Muktas should be observed thoroughly. If these rules are altered, blessings of Muktas become void and the door of salvation will be closed. Therefore commands should be observed perfectly and if there is any mistake one should repent by remembering Muktas. Bad and good thoughts are seen by Maharaj and Muktas and if we repent by knowing that, we shall get ultimate salvation. If senses are controlled, Jiva is controlled and he will not be crazy for eating, drinking and he will not waste his tongue. The one who fulfils the duty of the householder is better than the passionate renunciate. Passion is very bad.

There was a person in some village whose children did not survive. The person took the vow of goddess and according to the vow he would eat from a broken clay vessel and that too by standing only. His wife would not allow the child’s excreta to fall on the ground for the twelve months and every thing would be kept in a cloth and after twelve months every thing would be taken to goddess and after worshipping her she would wash clothes. Then only the vow would be over. After twelve months the woman carried a big bundle of clothes on her head and her husband took the child in his hand and kept broken clay vessel on his head. Thus they started. On the way they met a devotee. He asked where they were going and asked about the bundle and the vessel. Then husband told everything. So much was done for the child. How important the child was! Ignorant Jiva has such importance of perishable objects. If such efforts are put for God saints, there will not be any hurdle in salvation. || 108 ||