On the noon of Fagan Sud 6th, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked a question in the assembly, “What is the means of keeping Maharaj and Muktas?” Bapashri replied, “Those who want to keep Maharaj and Mukta, should keep their heart pure; he should behave outwardly as he is inwardly, but there should not be any kind of deceit or trickery. The highest happiness will not be achieved and will not be able to live with Maharaj and Muktas until the heart is pure. It has been also said so by Maharaj in the 4th Vachanamrut of Jetalpur. When one can not live in the abode of Maharaj, Maharaj and Muktas will also go away from his heart-so it is called a dead body and whosoever touches it, will become impure-therefore one should remain alert. The preceptor should renounce the disciple who has love for animate/inanimate maya and the disciple should also renounce such a preceptor. One should desire only the bliss of Murti. If one desires the happiness of senses, he will have to go to hell from the sea of happiness. Maharaj and Muktas have saved you from that. Today Maharaj and Muktas are available by their grace and they are also merciful. But no body keeps any kind of share in diamonds or pearls and are attracted in garlic-onion i. e. in the work of nature (worldly objects). If share is kept in diamonds-pearls, he will become millionaire even if he gets only one unit. Therefore mind should be truly joined with Muktas. ‘Chamak dekhi loha chale‘(Iron is attracted to magnet), similarly Shriji Maharaj is there in this Muktas therefore Mumukshu (desireous of salvation) are attracted to this Muktas. Those who have faith in words go away after getting their work done. Shri Santdasji of Muli had faith so when he had fever he was sitting under the sun-I asked him, how is your health? He said that he had fever and requested to send him to Murti. Then he had the divine feeling and he saw Maharaj and Muktas in luminescence and did thousands of pradakshinas (moving round the idol) and met Maharaj and Muktas and became happy.

Then Swami again asked, “Do Muktas make the remaining life span complete when they are pleased?” Then Bapashri replied, “When Muktas are very much pleased they take us in Murti by keeping aside the remaining life span and if they want to keep some one they will keep him even though his life span is over. If one gets his Jiva attached to Muktas it is believed that he has been fulfilled even though bodily he is there. One may do means even for crores of births and crores of kalpas and bones may get dried up even then Akshardham can not be had-it is available through Muktas only. Muktas are powerful enough to do whatever they wish. They know thoughts of Jiva.” || 131 ||