On the morning of Aso Sud 1st, Sheth Baldevbhai of Ahmadabad asked a question in the assembly, “What is the meaning of the Shruti: ‘Ante ya mati sa gati‘?”

Bapashri replied, “The devotees of God should always feel that death knocks at his door, because one can not trust the existence of body. One should always be prepared for death at any time. Just as there is a heap of food grain (corn) in the thrashing place and all of a sudden it rains heavily, the farmer would try to cover it hurriedly. Similarly if death is inevitable is understood then only there will be eagerness to be fulfilled. If the seeker has been promised by Muktas and if he is disturbed by the attributes of illusion (maya), he will be intoxicated. Just as the father has told the son that treasure is buried at this place, the son will have intoxication of his treasure. Similarly those who have met Muktas they will have intoxication that their work will be done by Muktas- all his work are being completed. Those who have not met Muktas will have the burden of passion, anger, pride, taste, etc so theirs means remain incomplete. Therefore one should recognise saints’ means Muktas as well as wishers or doers and one should not allow the seed of passion, anger, etc to grow. If one tries to avoid them, Muktas will help him in avoiding them. Therefore one should associate with Muktas. || 118 ||