Once, Bapasri had come to Bhuj. When he got ready to go back to Vrspur, Brahmachari and saints requested him to stay for two days and talk. Bapasri told them to let him go home and would come back. He began his journey and after walking some distance turned back and said that some saints and devotees attract him so he could not go. In the meanwhile Ramjibhai went to Bhuj from Anjar. Bapasri met him in the square of the temple. Uttamanand Brahmachari and saints and devotees told him that Bapasri had started to go but came back and had said that some devotees had been attracting him and would not allow him to go. While he was saying thus, he came. Bapasri embraced him and told him that he had told everyone that some one was attracting, so he would not able to go and had stayed back. Then Ramjibhai said to Bapasri with folded hands that about two miles away Moghiba of Nandvana informed him that Bapasri was at Bhuj and now he would go to Vrspur. From there only he was in a hurry. Saying so, he went to Vrspur with Bapasri from Bhuj. ||32 ||