On the morning Jeth Sud 1st, the 33rd Vachanamrut of the First Chapter of Gadhada was being read in the assembly. In it, it is said that at the time of creation Shriji Maharaj is in the form of Akshar, etc and for the welfare of the Jiva he becomes Narad, Sanak, etc.

Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked, “Whom should be understood as Narad, Sanak, etc?” Bapashri replied, “His Anadi Muktas are said to be Narad, Sanak, etc. These Anadi Muktas dwelling in Murti liberates soul of this world by giving darshan, this means they are made Muktas like them but other work such as giving divinity, creation of universe and giving fruits of acts (karma) which belong to divinity are not done because they considered it as trivial. This work is done by Mul-Akshar etc. who are authorised to do. Muktas give liberation only. They ignore virtues-faults of soul and liberate even an ordinary soul-they are such merciful. They do not have virtues, faults, criticism, praise, etc. To elaborate the point here is an example. One satsangi belonged to schedule caste. The king had put him in prison and daily used to give him seven beating with shoes. Yama-lord of death came to take the king on account of that fault. Seeing that, that fellow of schedule caste requested Shriji Maharaj by saying, “Oh Maharaj! This king had got my darshan and had performed my puja (worship). Therefore, please make him free from the punishment of yama and take him to our abode.” Shriji Maharaj replied, “Oh bhaktaraj (great devotee)! He is offender and let yama take him. If any one commits my guilt, I make him free but I do not make him free who commits guilt of my devotee.” Then that fellow said, “Oh Maharaj! By having your and your devotees’ darshan, the sins of killing infinite number of Brahmins are burnt, and also all the sins and gets liberation. So please liberate this poor soul from the punishment of yama. For your devotee puja in the form of sandal wood, flower, and shoes is equal. Therefore do not take in consideration the guilt of this ignorant and give him the fruit of your darshan.” Thereafter Shriji Maharaj drove away yama and took the king with Him and He was very much pleased with His devotee. Such is the understanding of the great Muktas. If this understanding is grasped by the seekers, his virtues will beclome like the virtues of Muktas. “Nakhe adavat diye galu, tene bhakta shamje dayalu.” Meaning of this line is that, “Develops the hostility and gives abuses even then the devotee takes him to be merciful.” Then Bapashri said if such type of understanding is grasped he will be very happy. The Jiva does not give up his insistence and if it is not done according to his insistence he will betray God and Muktas who are doer of welfare and he spoils his welfare. Jiva Khachar did much service of Shriji Maharaj considering Him as God but his insistence did not work, he tried to find out ways to murder Shriji Maharaj. Alaiya Khachar did much service but when his honour was hurt, he drew out his sword to kill Shri Muktanand Swami. Honour is such evil that it makes darshan of God to be given up. One would not mind eating meals without darshan but would mind much for honour. There are big saints and Shriji Maharaj in this satsang-they have not left it. Therefore, we should act as they tell us and no stone should be left unturned to please them because it will be harmful for the Jiva. Leave aside the question of pleasing them, on the contrary we should not act in the manner so that Swami is angered. If it is required to say something to some one in satsang, it should be said but never angrily and should remain under the command of Muktas. Faults like honour etc. should be given up, and one should remain as the servant of servant’s of God and saints. There was a devotee named Damodarbhai in Amdavad. When his wife expired, he declared before Rampratapbhai that all women were his sisters in this world. Then he remarried so Rampratapbhai was offended. When ever Damodarbhai went for darshan, Rampratapbhai would run after him to beat him by saying from which world did you bring the wife. So Damodarbhai would run away but would not dine without having darshan. He would go for darshan when Rampratapbhai was having bath or puja or meals, but would never eat or drink without having darshan. Some times he would get darshan in the morning, some times in the afternoon, sometimes in the evening and some times at night, but before that he would neither drink nor eat. Such was his faith and theism. The one having such firmness is called a devotee. Their firmness is appreciated by Shriji Maharaj in the 59th Vachanamrut of the Middle Chapter of Gadhada. Once Anadi Muktaraj Nirgundasji Swami came to Bhuj. To get his association saint Madhavdasji of Bhuj wanted to stay at Bhuj and for this purpose he went to Wagad region, there he did katha-varta, dharmado, etc. Even then Sadguru Swami Aksharjivandasji sent him to Abdasa. He had much eagerness for association but acted according to his command. One should remain thus obeying command but should not go out of satsang for acting as per one’s desire. One should give up faults and should change nature and then associate the soul with Muktas in satsang by becoming servants’ servant. || 36 ||