On the day of Jeth Vad 3rd Bapashri showing his favour talked. He said, “The service of the person who violates vows of vartman should not be taken in temptation though he may be house holder and serving Thakorji. After he does repentance, he should be taken in satsang but he should not be allowed without repentance in the greed of money. He must be made to repent. One may be disciple of saint and may be doing much service but if falls from dharma, guru should not keep his side and he should be made to repent but should not be favoured in the greed of service. Similarly, if one is guru and may be giving many things to his disciple but if he falls from dharma, the disciple should discard him but should not be favoured in the greed of many things and should not stay togeather. Acharya should also repent so that Shriji Maharaj and Muktas will be pleased and make him happy in their happiness. If one does not say anything to anyone in negligence or in love and if he remains together, his salvation is difficult. Therefore, all should be made to repent. He who does not do repentance must be discarded. If Brahmin is not satsangi his food should not be eaten because he does not have dharma and does not have Swaminarayan’s kanthi. In the Parayan of Samvat 1959 a Brahmin had come. He said that he is not trusted by anyone. Then a devotee of Kera said that since he drinks wine we do not believe him. The Brahmin was ashamed. A Brahmin of Devpara was snuffing and he (Bapashri) did not like getting food cooked by that Brahmin. A Brahmin of Bhuj prepared ankoot and used to snuff, so the devotee of Vruspur cooked food with their own hands and feed whole satsang. There are many saints, if they prepare food nicely, their conscience becomes holy by service. A Brahmin may be satsangi but if he associates with Brahmin having bad habits, he should not be allowed to cook and should not eat food prepared by him. || 188 ||