In the morning of Kartak Sud 11th, katha of Vachanamrt was being read in the assembly in the temple of Kera. At that time Manji Harji Panchani said, “Bapa! How are we related?” Bapasri said, “If you know me as human being, we are the family member and if you know me as I am, I am engrossed in Murti of Lord Purusottam who is Master of all. I have come to keep jivas in the happiness of that Murti, but I am not the father, the son or relative of anyone. I am only anadi mukta. There is no one, in this world who can be compared with me.” Thus, he showed his wonderful divine feeling. Then Bapasri came for bath at the farm of Kunvarjibhai and asked saints to come there after having lunch.

When Bapasri was sitting at the farm of Kunvarjibhai after having bath, Swami Bhaktipriyadasji and SriVallabhdsaji, etc. saints of Bhuj came there from Vrspur. They asked, “Bapasri! “We had heard about your illness, how is your health now?” Bapasri said, “I am not ill. The ill is one who is in physical body (dehdhari). I always take happiness remaining in Murti. I also make one happy the same way who knows me. You all remain as happy as I am. Some have human feeling for me and become unhappy- so no one do like that. I always remain engrossed in Murti and Swaminarayana is witness of it. Moreover whosoever will keep his sight on me will also be made happy in the happiness of Murti.” saying so, he came to the temple along with saints. ||115 ||