In the evening saint quoted, ‘Trigunatit firat tan tyagi, rit jagatse nyaree; jagatme saint param hitkari’ (Without carrying body those trigunatit-{who are unaffected by three attributes viz. satva, raj, tam,} move about, their custom is different from world, saint is the most well-wisher in the world). Bapasri said, “Saints, your custom is different. In our worldly affairs there are many useless activities. Today I scolded children at home for coming late in katha, so I was affected by attribute-Tam.” Purani Kesavpriyadasji said, “Bapa! You are always without attributes. Many have become free from attributes in your association. So how you can be affected by attribute.” Bapasri said, “This I do it to recommend not to scold anyone coming under the influence of Tam attribute. I have kept nothing else excepting Murti and do not intend also. Anadi muktas of Maharaj do not take any other food excepting nectar in the form of happiness of Murti. Their capacity is limitless but jiva cannot know it. Maharaj has said that the king and queen have equal authority on their kingdom. Anadi Maha Muktaraj Gopalanand Swami and Gunatitanand Swami are called Mul-Aksar by some. Their meaning is other mukta are Aksar and they are greater than them so they are Mul-Aksar.

Moreover, some without understanding say that Purusottam cannot be achieved without Aksar. Swami and Narayana are different names so they have been joined for the purpose of Aksar-Purusottam worship (bhajan). Such person explain the greatness in their own way and say that all incarnations have pair and why Maharaj has no pair? Such understanding is propagated by them. But if greatness of Maharaj is understood from Anadi, it will be known whether greatness increases or decreases by our saying. Anadi muktas of Maharaj are the form of Maharaj. Abode in the form of Maharaj’s luminescence is all-pervading Sachchidanand and eternal. Maharaj is the cause of that luminescence. It means wherever there is Murti there is centre of Aksardham. That Murti is eternal and Anadi so whatever simile given to muktas remaining engrossed in Murti different from Maharaj is incomplete. Maha muktas have Sriji Maharaj only so they are form of Murti. ‘Jova rakhi nahi jod Purusottam pragti’ (After the incarnation of Maharaj i.e. Purusottam there is no pair worth seeing). Maharaj holds ksar- Aksar by His power so they cannot be considered with Maharaj. If they say that they do not say it for those having status of Aksar, then Maharaj’s anadi mukta, do not live separately from Murti. ‘Rasrup Murti re Sri Hari keval karuna kand’ (Murti is the form of joy and Sri Hari is the source of compassion). They always drink juice of divine Murti. They are enjoyer of only divine happiness. Maharaj is Anadi so they are also Anadi. Whatever simile you give for them is incomplete. Such Maha Anadis remain engrossed in Murti as enjoyer of happiness. param ekantiks are in front of Maharaj even then they do not understand that these muktas are more than all muktas. All muktas have only Murti as supreme and muktas are never saturated by the happiness of that Murti-it is always limitless. If one, understands such greatness will have no importance for any other thing except Murti.” || 118 ||