In the afternoon Bapasri sitting on his seat on the first floor of the temple talked. He said, “For us Maharaj, muktas, saints, devotees all are divine. We should keep the understanding of such greatness but should not understand anything else. ‘Chaitanyarupi bhumi re harijan chaitanya hajarun’ (this place is the form of chaitanya and thousands of devotees are also there). The dwelling place i.e. the land of the devotees is also live (chaitanya). This is rare benefit. Therefore, ordinary satsang should not be done. We have got such big opportunity so we should know that in this causal satsang we filled the warship with millions of things which will not exhaust. All these devotees who dine is divine happiness of Aksardham. Who serves and who gives happiness should be looked at. Everything is divine. If there is less understanding of greatness, one will think that he has eaten only chapati (bread) but without understanding, chapati will also be harmful. After studying scriptures some achieve absolute victory and talk with depth, so what! No one can understand the secret meaning of the talk of Maharaj and muktas. In association with others, one will imbibe their attributes. All this happiness should be taken in soul. If he becomes truly worthy, the flow of constant happiness emits. Wherever Maharaj and muktas treaded, trees, mountain, cloths, vehicles, etc. seem to be chaitanya (live). Similarly, for great muktas we should also become without attributes. So long, there is bodily feeling, there is no happiness; so avoid such feeling. Unless our sight reaches in the happiness of Maharaj, it will wander here and there. If there is faith in great Anadis, they will make us fulfil by their grace. Even then obey the commands, rules, dharma, and consider all jivas divine. In the divine throne, there is luminous Murti and we should remain engrossed in the happiness of Murti. The luminescence emits constantly from Murti. The luminescence of Murti is the throne and Sriji Maharaj sits on it. In that Murti, there are great Anadi Muktaraj Sadguru Brahmanand Swami, Muktanand Swami, Gopalanand Swami, Gunatitanand Swami, Nityanand Swami, and Vyapakanand Swami, Swarupanand Swami, Premanand Swami, Devanand Swami, etc. They give gentle smile and take happiness constantly in Murti.”

Then Bapasri said, “Great muktas of Maharaj seem to be sleeping, awakening, dining, bathing, getting up, sitting, talking, etc. outwardly doing all activities but they are taking happiness of Murti remaining engrossed in it. For them there is nothing excepting Murti. Just as there is no relationship between the earth and sky at any place. Similarly, they dwell in Murti constantly but they have no relationship with maya. Just as the wind touches the tree but it is not seen. Similarly, we may feel that seeing, dining, hearing, etc. is done by great muktas but they constantly take happiness, which is as great as the water of sea. Some show tranquillity, etc. to show greatness of Maharaj but his birth is not from the womb of mother. This body is there to give happiness to all- it can be said so but Maharaj and muktas have no physical body. They are always divine Murti. If one gets attached to such muktas and joins Murti in all three states that is desirelessness and senses contract by doing means and he may go in trance- it is called having some desire. This is very big thing. It is very great achievement. By getting such achievement there is salvation, salvation by touch, even the wind coming from above them there is salvation- is it a small thing? If it rains or there is dew, the things lying in open compound will become damp. ‘Amrtna sindhu ulatya, rangdani vali chhe rel, Purusottam pragati’ (Purusottam has incarnated in the form of sea of nectar and He gives us continuous flow of bliss). What can be left out? Nothing; but our determination is yet to be done. Just see in this world, we become strong by eating mayik)things like ghee, sugar, jaggery, etc.- whereas this is the strength of chaitanya (soul), should it be underestimated? Then Bapasri told Isvarcharanadasji, “I will make you such that you will be able to make many enjoyers of happiness of Murti and will keep you with me.” Saying so, he showed much pleasure and said that the poor will be given more happiness. We have got this divine seva, divine mukta, divine Maharaj, everything together but one cannot assess its value as we assess the value of motaiya (sweet ball) in the ladus of wood. Similarly even if we become worthy of Mul-Aksar without such achievement, it cannot be compared with it. We have been kept in the cadre of Anadi muktas but if someone says in confusion that he has got nothing without understanding, it is his lookout. We have bathed in this river of knowledge and performed this brahmayajna. So the past or the present sins are burnt- we should understand thus and now onward should not do new karmas (activity). Be alert and obey commands of Maharaj. If maya in the form of conscience puts hurdle, keep Maharaj and muktas as protector. We should pray Swaminarayana, Swaminarayana. Great Anadi muktas are like barrister. Just as a barrister can twist the meaning of any word and make one happy in this world. Similarly, the barrister of Aksardham can break the barriers of maya by single word and gets you status of Anadi who are above Aksar. The barrister of this world charges five hundred to one thousand rupees for a word then what can we give to those Mahamuktas who get us happiness of Murti? Therefore, they should be pleased by seva and should bind jiva with such muktas by mind, karma and words, then only jiva will get the happiness of Aksardham and Purusottam.” ||67||