On the day of Aso Sud 2nd, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked the question in the assembly, “What is the remedy to understand the greatness?” Bapashri replied, “The means is to obey words of Shriji Maharaj with faith and by and by one behaves according to His commands and there by becomes self-realized and achieves the status of Brahm and experiences the bliss of Shriji Maharaj Himself. Then only greatness will be known. Unless one feels that Shriji Maharaj and Muktas are present there, the greatness will not be understood till then and there will be difference in happiness. It is only possible when in association with Anadi Muktas, Murti is realized, the greatness will be understood properly. The bliss of Maharaj is beyond the words. If one keeps faith in Muktas and continuously tries, that bliss will be achieved. Muktas make happy even by showing their sight. By their sight one can become happy. How much can be achieved through means only. Grace of Muktas should be there with means. Shriji Maharaj has put gems covered in a torn cloth. How can they be recognised as they behave like an ordinary human-being and all their activities viz., eating, drinking, etc., are like an ordinary man? The path of Ekantik is known because of the presence of such great persons on the earth and in their association. When such great persons leave this earth, we regret much, therefore one should get attached to them.

Once again Swami asked, “Are there Anadi Muktas in satsang elsewhere or this is the only one who is talking. Bapashri replied, “This is the only one whom you have met. There is no such other in satsang.”

Swami Vrundavandasji asked, “What is the reason that you talk to some one, give Prasad to some one, go to receive some one who comes to you, and give send off to some one and bring a thing for some one who wants it-serving in this way?” Bapashri replied, “Because it is for the pleasure of Shriji Maharaj and He rewards. Moreover, this is for teaching seekers (sadhanik).

On the 3rd day of Aso Sud, all saints came to Bhuj and from there went to Gujarat. || 120 ||