In the afternoon, Swami Vrndavandasji was talking to Lalubhai, Hirabhai, etc. devotees on the upper storey of the temple building. He said, “During this trip Bapasri has much mercy on you people. Bapasri has determined to make you all enjoyers of happiness of Murti. In my view you are very lucky because many devotees remember him in various parts of the country, writes the requesting letters, and he has promised that he would definitely come to their villages in this trip. All of them here sent letters telling that their wish has been fulfilled by his darsan in awaken (jagrt) state and dream (swapna) state. You are getting happiness without asking. It is great thing. Where can you get such great Bapasri! This time Bapasri talks much. It is his principle to keep everyone in Murti. One cannot dwell in Murti by the power of means. It requires only kindness of muktas.” While the talk was going thus, Bapasri came after offering meals to Ṭhakorji. Then Haribhai said, “Bapa! Everybody is waiting for you.” Bapasri said, “One has to wait till there is distance, but in Murti, all have to dwell together.” Saying thus Bapasri told Haribhai that mistakes, guilt, sin of jiva are so much that God knows how many rebirths it will have to take. Even then, it will not be over. Such guilts are pondered as soon as he surrenders to Maharaj and muktas- am I right?” Haribhai said, “Yes. It is true. You have shown much favour.” At that time, Tribhovanbhai and his younger son Raghavjibhai of Vantavadar came for darsan, prostrated and greeted with Jay Swaminarayana. Bapasri put his hand on his head and jokingly said my child! Do you want money? He said, yes Bapasri. Bapasri asked, “How much?” Raghavji said, two or four. Then Bapasri said, “Just see! Instead of one or two, he wants two or four such is the work. The effect of Kaliyug during this time is so that the grip of desire for material things is very tight even from early age.” || 54 ||