On the morning of Jeth Sud 2nd, Swami Ishwarcharandasji asked the question in the assembly. He said to Bapashri, “Which are those fourteen Lokas (cosmos) about which you said to give up happiness?” Then Bapashri said, “There are seven patal (seven mythological subterranean region) and seven heavens. There are called fourteen Lokas (cosmos) but by giving up the happiness of these in Lokas (cosmos), it is not beneficial because there are many Lokas (cosmos) above them. Therefore if you avoid love for ten senses and four anthkaran (mind, intellect, ego chitta), you have won fourteen Lokas (cosmos), so these are fourteen Lokas(cosmos). If passion is avoided from these fourteen senses, there is no obstacle ahead so win fourteen senses. Then Bapashri said what this poor Jiva will do spiritual endeavour as means. Today there is such grace that if you offer very small thing to the king, he will give you whole kingdom. How far means can help! In the 7th Vachanamrut of Amdavad Shriji Maharaj said that the eagle could not fly so He flew alone. This means the eagle could go up to Golok. Similarly the means could not take you beyond Golok. To go ahead of Golok, grace is necessary. Means are helpful till Golok, from there onwards means are useless. Then Shriji Maharaj or Muktas makes us realize Murti by their grace then one can become Param Ekantik. Then experienced knowledge emits from Shriji Maharaj’s Murti which takes you in Murti. Just as when there is tide the sea takes back insects, etc. Similarly experience knowledge takes you in Murti then he is called Mukta Anadi. That experience knowledge should be known as Anadi Mukta. To day there are Mukas of Shriji Maharaj who shower their grace. Such Maharaj and such Muktas have come by showing their favour and talks about the greatness. There by some one may think that they are talking about their greatness but I am talking about the greatness of the master (Maharaj) and His favourite Muktas by showing favour. I will take the one to the place from where I have come and dwell if he trusts me. I will keep him there and will give all happiness as much as it is. Those who do not have trust believe that today there are not such Muktas as there were formerly- it will be great loss for him. I have to take all and make all understand. Then if you believe or not but I will say I believe, it is therefore kindly make my efforts successful. This means consider this talk as true and I will fulfil you and if you do not believe I will have to make efforts again and you will also have to take another birth and will get prison of nine months. On that day also if you understand this talk then only you will be fulfilled and if you do not believe you will remain unfulfilled. I may be or may not be in this world so take the benefit of this opportunity which you have got. If you know Maharaj as He is and obey His commands I will help you and put you in the happiness of Murti and the greatness is not understood and commands are not obeyed, you will have to repent a lot, you will not find always such person who gives such knowledge. Therefore do it today only (get fulfilled). Maharaj and Muktas are sitting here but their greatness is not understood and looks for elsewhere and thinks that Maharaj and Muktas are in Akshardham but not here. They are here. But Jiva cannot avoid atheism. The eyes are covered with illusion so he does not understand and cannot see. It will be a great loss for him. Therefore if you understand the greatness of this saint and trusting in Him believes this talk to be true, you will become theism. This assembly will appear divine to him and Jiva itself will become divine and will become very happy. Many such talks were given.

On the Jeth Sud 3rd after the discourse (Parayan) was over, Mistry Govabhai Jivanbhai got chhatri built and the prasadi’s place near the pond of Kumbharia. Foot-print (charnarvind) of Maharaj idol of Hanumanji were installed. At that time Bapashri gave a boon-the one who comes for darshan of this chhatri and Hanumanji I will come to fetch him and will keep him in Murti. Then he started from Kumbharia many saints and devotees came to give him send off. He asked all to remember Maharaj and ask them to join in Murti by reducing devotional service (sevabhakti)-I have much pleasure in it. In 22nd Vachanamrut of middle chapter Shriji Maharaj has said, “I started to forget the activity of chaurashi of Kankaria and taught His devotees to join in my Murti by avoiding all tensions. Therefore you should join Murti and obey commands of Maharaj. If you do this, I will take you all and make you happy. I may or may not be in this world but join Murti of Maharaj and obey commands. After preaching all Bapashri came to Vruspur and saints, devotees of Amdavad, Muli, Bhuj, went to their places. Swami Ishwarcharandasji, Swami Ghanshyamjivandasji and other saints went to Sinogra by the persistence of Mistry Dahyabhai and from there they went to Vruspur on the day of Jeth Sud 14th. || 183 ||