In the evening assembly, Bapasri talked. He said, “Sriji Maharaj incarnated as Narnarayana so Maharaj has been called Narnarayana. We should know that Nar is mukta, and Narayana is Maharaj. Maharaj and Anadi muktas are not separate, engrossed in one another like knitted thread- means they are in harmony. Other incarnations are there and they have built their own abodes so they are separate and very insignificant and desirous of splendour. If one has known such greatness of Maharaj, he will consider from Prakrti Purusa to Aksar everything as trivial. Just as we do not remember bad thing again so also it will be with maya. Maharaj dwells in every atom with His concealed power and He Himself is there in satsang. But jiva does not know thus because it is restrained by human being. Even such restrain is not shown for Maharaj –means there is secret atheism. The greatness of Maharaj and muktas has to be described with mayik example; it is just like giving simile of the wretched to sovereign. According to Anadi muktas there is no any other abode excepting Murti or there is nothing else. If one gets ‘atmabuddhi’ (self-intelligence) for such muktas, it should be known that everything is achieved by him. The one who is not a devotee will not recognise great Anadi whereas devilish jiva on the contrary will betray. Anadi Mukta Sadguru Gopalanand Swami and Gunatitanand Swami were called by some ignorant person as having knowledge more than necessary- this is called kusang (bad company) in satsang. Such persons are known as miserable by those who associate with muktas because they have no knowledge. Those who have cheated God’s muktas have not become happy and will also not become happy. On the contrary, they will become more unhappy-if they think deeply, then only they can know it. We should take the opportunity of associating with great anadi mukta of Maharaj because Maharaj gives His bliss and salvation through mukta. Therefore, unless seekers seeking salvation surrender to muktas they cannot get happiness by their own efforts. After reaching in the happiness of Maharaj there is no need of any muktas. Maharaj has said, “ Thousand rupees of Nath Bhakta and a rupee of Brahmana who has earned a rupee by going to village Zinzuwada for delivering a message, are equal, because Nath Bhakta had thousand rupees so he offered rasoi (meal) of ghebar (a kind of sweet) and the Brahmana had a rupee which he gave to Maharaj – so both are called equal. God and saint show much favour but slowly, they do not give happiness soon. When one gets bliss with realisation, there remains nothing excepting bliss of Murti. Great muktas are frozen in Murti in the same way in which ghee freezes in an earthen pot, and they make jiva happy in Murti in the same way. We should know that small or big who are followers of Swaminarayana are the same as and all are in the assembly of Mahaprabhuji in Aksardham are same but not less than it even by an atom. Just as a baby boy takes birth at the king’s house is called the king. Similarly, those who have taken shelter under Swaminarayana are children of Swaminarayana. They will become the same as the Anadi muktas of Aksardham. Therefore, we should know them muktas from now onward. Sriji Maharaj gives equal happiness to all His followers. Just as in this world a father has three sons, among them one is mad, one handles responsibility and one earns fifty rupees daily- the father is equally happy with all- father himself looks after the mad son. Similarly, Maharaj also looks after His follower. Just as when Bhula Bhakta went for darsan of Maharaj at Gadhada from village Nandasana, Maharaj protected him on the way- He helps in the same way. Whereas Anadi muktas are distinct. Therefore, one should associate with anadi mukta. Anadi muktas will make the one who associates with them renouncer of maya, body, passion, attachment, etc. Such muktas are like stream of water. They have no value of word. Prakrti Purusa has no value of their work. They are always happy in the happiness of Murti and are always engrossed in Murti. That Murti is supreme most. It cannot be given simile of any incarnation. In the 14th Vachanamrt of Loya Maharaj has said, “We are beyond the identities of incarnate and incarnation.” We are distinct from all. This point can be understood by associating with Anadi muktas. In this association, one becomes passionless (niskam-to observe complete celibacy) i.e. he becomes Anadi. A gem begets a gem, that gem is the best, similarly, the one who makes others as he is, is anadi mukta. Maharaj will definitely get such opportunity for the one who has intense liking. We should always keep Maharaj with us, should remain as servant. The one who behaves as a servant in satsang progresses and reaches the top. If we bear insults of this world, we will get much benefit. Which is bad company in satsang? It is that which does not allow us to realise Maharaj. One needs association of param ekantik and Anadi even if he has realised Murti, because the guide is the one who explains divine feeling of Maharaj, explains His greatness, gives full knowledge and gets happiness achieved. The one who has bliss of Maharaj inwardly has realised in all three states- he is not separated. Just as the body and jiva do not separate, similarly, if causal Murti is achieved it is not necessary for him for the activity. When Murti is seen in luminescence, we should consider that it is causal (ultimate) Murti. That Murti is white and luminous. When one’s body, etc. or any other thing excepting Murti is not dear to him, we should know that he is fulfilled. If something else appears to be prime other than Murti, we should consider that it is incomplete in that much proportion. If one puts effort introvertly and according to Sankhya philosophy, divine feeling develops by and by and happiness comes. While carrying on thus and when one becomes pure and worthy, darsan of idol will appear to be realised one, and all wishes will be fulfilled. Then idol speaks and talks with jiva if he has divine feeling, but jiva has become victim of maya so he has no value for saint, celibate, devotee, etc.- he has become such one sided. Therefore, maya remains prime for him; so, Murti, saints, devotees are not valuable to him. How can he get happiness? If one gives importance to education, means, etc. forgetting Murti and muktas it is worthless. Then Maharaj and muktas know that he is childish. Therefore, if one separates himself from the activity and pursues Murti, he always becomes happy. After associating with muktas, realising Murti by meditation, Murti should be achieved than it can be known as the fruit of association of muktas. If unhusked rice is sowed, bumper crop of rice grows. Similarly, Murti should be realised by doing means. After realisation of Murti means should be known as completed, therefore keep only Murti. If one celebrates the festival and samaiya by collecting necessary things and if he becomes pleased by remembering it, it is called an activity but he cannot get happiness because of that activity without Murti. If one remembers only activity forgetting Murti it is like keeping husk throwing away the grain. There can not be such muktas in every house. Therefore, we should be alert in this time. Murti should not be forgotten for a moment. If one realises importance of association with muktas, does as they tell him, neglects happiness of this world joins in the happiness of Maharaj. If he does not change his mind, he will not be able to free himself from world. Therefore, if one becomes free from this world and joins Murti, it is said that he has changed his mind. Body is purified by doing repentance and jiva is purified by doing seva (service), rosary, meditation, etc. If one does it sincerely, Maharaj and muktas are always there to help-they are never separate. If one forms thoughts with the understanding that everything is known by Maharaj and muktas, and keeps modesty and does sincerely for the goal, he will be made very happy form of Brahma. The body which is form of Brahma means God i.e. he becomes form of God and then only achieves Murti. Just as attendant is the king’s man and constable is also the king’s man but if the attendant comes to take us, he will make a seat near the king and if the constable comes, he will imprison us. Similarly if anadi mukta meets, he will take us in Sriji’s Murti and if others come they will take us to other abodes. When greatness of Maharaj and great Anadis is understood, faith will increase. He will not care for the wear and tear of body, even he will not care for honour or insult- he has strong fascination for Murti. He may be whatever he is but I like him- here it means after getting attachment to Murti he may not be able to perform activities like bathing, washing and touching to somebody etc. Just as Gordhanbhai started taking dinner without brushing teeth and bathing and dipped his leg in the sandalwood paste, which was in the box and meant for performing puja of Maharaj. Even then, he is liked by Maharaj. Such muktas have no restrictions. Just as the prince of the king may go anywhere, in the kingdom but no one can harm him. Similarly, such muktas are above kala (death), maya, Purusa, Brahma, Aksar, etc, and they are under no one’s rule; those all wish to please them. If this is not understood thus and sticks to only education, it is called kusang (bad company). Therefore, purification of education (knowledge) takes place only when one comes in contact with muktas and then only his vrtti (tendency) remains in God. In the 49th Vachanamrt of Gadhada First Chapter, Sriji Maharaj has said that if one’s vrtti does not remain in the form of God, is not God’s devotee. He is called devotee only when he keeps his vrtti constantly in God’s Murti. Unless constant vrtti is not there in God’s Murti, attributes of maya cannot be avoided and unhappiness will not go. But while keeping vrtti in Murti when he realises that there is nothing like maya, he experiences bliss. || 37 ||